100 Man Fight? Not What I Expected

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: karate
30 Aug 2014


I was searching for a topic for today’s article and I came on this youtube movie trailer entitled 100 Man Fight. I’ll let you see the movie trailer below but after watching that – I was thinking – ok – this is something I will enjoy writing about. But alas the movie was not on Netflix or Amazon Prime so I started searching around some more.


I found another 50 man fight video and started watching it. From the first trailer I was expecting a tough, hard fought fight with lots of injuries and blood maybe (if I was lucky) but watching an actual representation of this type of fight I was disappointed. You see I must come from another era. Sparring or kumite  one had to use hand and foot pads and cups. We also did medium contact to the body and light contact to the head.


The contact for this 50 man match was very light to the body and for the first 10 minutes of so – no contact to the head. So my guess is anyone in good enough aerobic shape could have done one of these matches without issue so long as they had margional fighting skills. But anyway – please review the movie trailer and some of the 50 man fight video I found and decide for yourself. I’ll give my opinions about the kumite after.



Here is the Frank Cirillo, 50 Man Kumite 2012 video.



Ok I did check a few times through the video and the fighting did not get any better. So I don’t really know if this is representative of all 100 man kumite matches or not.


Let me just say I was expecting to see hard fought medium contact fighting to the body and head. This was not that but seemed to be more of a training sparring match where an instructor takes it easy on students while they are learning.


So I am going to miss the 100 man kumite movie if it ever comes out. Sorry but I would have rather watched a point sparring tournament than this.


Please let me know what you think.

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6 Responses to “100 Man Fight? Not What I Expected”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    I had the chance to work out with one Kyokushin black belt. He was tough, and I enjoyed our fighting. He told me at his dojo they would do full contact fighting in complete darkness! I really don’t see the point of beating on each other like they do on a regular basis, not if you have a day job where you need to use your body parts on a regular basis.

    When I worked out with Jay T Will back in the day, he would have me fight his students in a line one after the other. After I had a solid hit on one I would then move to the next and so on. That was a good sparing workout. It seems to me that the sparing in the second video might be better that way rather than those soft body punches. I’d rather see fewer more clean finishing strikes.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Dr. J! You know I did not think this was representative of all Japanese Karate drills. I’ve fought some Japanese style karate guys in tournaments and they have one heck of a kick punch or sweep punch combo and yes – those punches they threw at me did hurt when they landed.

    This 50 man kumite seems to be more about getting through it with the help of his buddies. A better way might be to have a rival school be the fighters? :)

  3. Geoff Says:

    Hi Dr J,
    I think you will find the 100 man fight is very different to the kumite you have described. I have fought in full contact tournaments in Japan and I can tell you, it’s pretty brutal. First time out i couldn’t walk for days afterwards from the thigh kicks. Look for kyukushinkai highlights on youtube and you’ll see what i mean.

  4. Dr. J Says:


    Thank you for explaining that!

    I only have respect for kyukushinkai practitioners!

  5. Sean King Says:

    How can you review a movie you have not seen? A movie review based on some unrelated clip on youtube? Can I have that 2 minutes of my life I wasted here back please? Watch the movie – its available on DVD and Vimeo on Demand stated clearly on their website http://www.100manfight.com

  6. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Wow Sean… you are going to make me watch that… more generically I found out that the 100 man fight was a thing… and commented more about that generically as I plainly said I did not see the movie referenced in the trailer.

    Perhaps I will take a gander to as you say be fair… Tell you what – if through my 70’s open tournament frame of mine – think it is somehow close to real competition where one guy is a super guy and the other guys are really trying to take him out – and he makes it… I will be happy to revisit this topic.