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Karate Christmas 2010!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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19 Dec 2010

Hello Boys and Girls – Have you been good this year? Well I have it on good authority that Santa has been honing up his karate skills this year so instead of a lump of coal for those bad boys and girls – You might just get a swift kick in the pants!

For those of you wondering, I hear Santa is considering a spot on dancing with the stars! Karate schools have been getting into the Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday spirit by getting the dojo ready as well as putting on full blown productions!


santa girls demo

Tkd-Phoenix | Myspace Video


I really enjoyed watching the Santa girls fighting with those staffs! I guess they have to protect Santa’s elves while they make the toys. Those of you how didn’t know, Van Damme gets into the Christmas spirit this time of year too.

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Foreword – It is my pleasure to introduce Sensei Matt Klein, founder of Kenpo Freestyle Academy in Sydney, Australia. Matt also runs Australia’s Youth Self-Defence Karate ( website and blog ( – John W. Zimmer

I saw this video on YouTube and I laughed as it reminded me of a brawl on the street, where as the two combatants (cats) were engaged, people from the sides (crows) took pot shots as they saw opportunities.  The action takes about a minute to start, so be patient, as once it starts it is fast and furious.


Crows and cat triple team other cat


Street fighting is like war combat. You never know who is with you until the proverbial crap hits the fan. Some will run and some will stay and duke it out until the end. On this night, I found out which camp my mates lived in. It was me against three of them, as the sound of my mate’s running feet faded away. As the three squared up, I lined them up in a row as best I could, knowing it’s a heck of a lot easier to fight one at a time. I blasted the closest one with a jab to the nose, stunning him. The second wrapped his arms around me from behind and with the help of the third attacker slammed me into the pavement. As I wrestled free and looked up, the last thing I remember seeing was the top of someone’s foot….

This fictional fight is typical where a combatant is outnumbered. If they can overpower their single opponent and force him to the ground, a group of attackers can strike at will. While keeping upright and on the move, a single fighter can sometimes take on two, three, or maybe four attackers if he can fight, as this 2nd video illustrates.


Guy fights off multiple attackers


So the question here is, can grappling-based arts like wrestling and BJJ be useful against multiple attackers? Although going against popular opinion, I am going to say yes, it is. Here’s why.

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