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Can We Protect Kids from Bullying? How?!!!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
13 Mar 2011

This is a core issue to this blog as we here at MySelf-DefenseBlog have personally been affected as a youth! What am I speaking about? 

  • kids in school
  • kids in transit to and from school
  • kids outside playing
  • kids online
  • kids in our communities

As you can see our kids can really be bullied anywhere.  Most people will understand this is a core issue to many kids being bullied. Kids have to give up personal possessions as well as putting up with verbal threats and physical attacks. Is there any one fix for this problem? Can we blame anyone and then stop bullying for good? I would say NO! But there are good solutions depending on the issues facing you or your kids.

In this article I will talk about the problem and issues I have faced. I will speak of teachers, schools and some mitigating stratgies they try. I will address what I see as the parents resonsibility and lastly I will focus on mitigating stratigies that WILL work if you find your kids facing bullying.

To set the stage for this important conversation look at the following video of our president speaking of the issues and some solutions of bullying.



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