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30 Apr 2011

I remember as a small boy wondering if I could ever fend off masked attackers that jumped me in the dark of the night. Kids have active imaginations and I was no exception. I ran through scenarios in my head and decided that my best chance was to become a superhero (with a costume and all)! At the slightest hint of trouble I would retreat to a phone booth (where no one would witness my secret identity) and presto/chango into my super garb!

Let me just say that did not go well for me and luckily I never did run into any bad guys. But I did believe for some reason that I could do something to improve my chances if I ever had to to fight crazed ninjas! I started to read self defense books and sent away for manuals from obsucre masked Kung Fu masters who would be put to death if the other masters ever discovered their secret identity!

I soon was practicing how to throw kicks and punches and even learned how to yell! I learned some tricks with leverage that my friends did not know, so I was confident and started bragging to my friends. They did not really believe me so as I was walking by the 5th grade class of the current Duke of the school, I slammed my fist into my hand while staring at the Duke! He of course slammed his fist into his hand and the challenge had been made and accepted for that day after school!

More on that challenge match later and my learning exeprence but in this post I will explore does self defense work? Since I’ve been blogging I’ve read a lot of websites that purported to have the answer! Yes everyone is an expert when it comes to doling out advice and telling you what to do incase you are attacked! But is this a realistice view? I mean because one guy/gal running a blog says it is so – does that mean (even if it is so for him/her) that it is so for you?

Here is a quick video I found on self defense scenarios as one example of the stuff out there. Read on to hear my opinions on self defense and does it work or the better question is can it be made to work for you?



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Rape Escape! Do You Have a Plan?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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9 Apr 2011

We here at My Self-Defense Blog strive to keep self defense in peoples minds! For girls and women the risk of rape is a real possibility at some point in their lives. There are other dangers like assault, robbery, kidnapping but the real fear I think is rape for many women.

Generally I try to make the point that women should take a martial art ( judo, karate, boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, kung fu, muay thai, aikido…) or even a short term self defense class! I make this point but I know that if it is not in the woman’s interests why would she go to all of the effort and expense to take this on?

In this post I will try to deal with this subject realistically within the realm of possibility and talk about what a good plan should include. To start this topic off, take a look at yet another self defense course going around and then we can talk.


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