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Sidekick Strategy; Is it still Relevant?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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25 Jul 2011

I remember one Sunday evening while I was a new bouncer at the bar. Eight guys powered past me before I could card them and ordered some beers. The obviously had already consumed a fair amount of beers. I was a bit nervous as there was the old bartender, a few dancers and everyone was depending on me to keep the peace.  

I calmly walked up to them and asked them to meet me outside. The six big guys followed me outside and I told them they were out for the night since they had not followed the rules. They were having none of that and they attacked me! More on this later but what could I do against six big guys?  I mean I was 155 pounds to their 200 and over?!!!

In this post I will address somewhat of a lost art – the much maligned sidekick! What? Yes once a staple of karate is not considered somewhat of a risk to use in a fight for some reason. Back in my day the sidekick was a great equalizer. I mean most people were inept at kicking and did not really understand how a little guy me could quickly gain the upper hand without a punch!

Here is a quick video showing some of the mechanics of the sidekick.

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23 Jul 2011

As some of you know I used to own a karate school in the 1980’s and back then in the stone age (pre-internet), supplying students with uniforms and such was a bit challenging. Each school had several suppliers that sent you a catalog one used to find the best deal.

Then came the internet and while reading through the catalogs were a bit easier – one still had to find trusted suppiers that would pull everything together for school owners. is one attempt to make it easier for school owners.  

This quick post is going to highlight so any school owners can have another resource. I do have a relationship with and I have had advertisements from in the past but this is not a paid post. I think this resource is one good option any martial arts instructor (karate, boxing, mma, etc…) should consider for their students needs.

Matt over at did a post about that explains some of the tools available for school owners. is actually the wholesale website for:

From what I can see is an easy way for school owners to find their wholesale needs. Owners need to build relationships with suppliers and is a one more good option for school owners.

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