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As a child I have always loved books and moves involving adventure and martial arts. I loved the swordsmanship of Conan the Barbarian books and the sage lessons of the Kung Fu TV series. Some of the best martial arts flicks are timeless such as Seven Samurai but the theme of all of these wonderful books and movies show how the fighter overcomes overwhelming adversity by focusing his Ki (Qi, Chi).

Well I was asked to read Chambers and I agreed as I’d not read a martial arts book in a while. Let me just say once I started reading this book – I could not put it down easily. I usually take months to read a book (at a few pages a night before dropping off to sleep) but Chambers is a real page turner. I was a bit apprehensive as this looked to be a teen adventure but I was pleasantly surprised that I related well to the characters and the book grabbed my interest from the first couple of pages.

In this post I will review the book (soon to be a movie) and interview the author, Sarah Gerdes.

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3-Minute Retreat

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: martial arts
8 Aug 2011


This is just a quick note about a new feature on this blog – the 3-minute retreat found on the right sidebar. As you probably already know to be good at karate takes focus of mind, body and spirit.


The 3-minute retreat is one way I relax my mind and allow myself to focus. It has the added benefit if you are Christian to relate a good message daily.


Grandmaster James Mitose in his book, ‘ “What Is True Self Defense?” he stated that one should practice the dominant religion of whatever country one is in, including its application to martial arts and spiritual practices.’


I encourage you to find your own peace or borrow mine – the 3-minute retreat.

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