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9 May 2012

Sadly I have to inform all that Grandmaster Richard “Dick” Willett died today. I’ll have more information soon but I wanted to get the word out as I know many of his students read this blog. The information I do have is Dick was admitted into the hospital yesterday and died today.


For the general readership that may not know – Dick Willett was the reason many of us (his students) excelled in life. After taking karate lessons from Master Willett – his students were taught to excel not only in karate but at any endeavour we pursued.


Dick started with Tracy’s Karate in Northern California and after getting his black belt – he moved to San Diego to open Tracy’s Karate Schools here. Mr. Willett was promoted to Judan (10th degree black belt) in 2008 by Al Tracy and was one of the few so highly ranked masters in the world.


For more information the school website is