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100 Man Fight? Not What I Expected

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: karate
30 Aug 2014


I was searching for a topic for today’s article and I came on this youtube movie trailer entitled 100 Man Fight. I’ll let you see the movie trailer below but after watching that – I was thinking – ok – this is something I will enjoy writing about. But alas the movie was not on Netflix or Amazon Prime so I started searching around some more.


I found another 50 man fight video and started watching it. From the first trailer I was expecting a tough, hard fought fight with lots of injuries and blood maybe (if I was lucky) but watching an actual representation of this type of fight I was disappointed. You see I must come from another era. Sparring or kumite  one had to use hand and foot pads and cups. We also did medium contact to the body and light contact to the head.


The contact for this 50 man match was very light to the body and for the first 10 minutes of so – no contact to the head. So my guess is anyone in good enough aerobic shape could have done one of these matches without issue so long as they had margional fighting skills. But anyway – please review the movie trailer and some of the 50 man fight video I found and decide for yourself. I’ll give my opinions about the kumite after.



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Review; the Self-Defense Lanyard

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
3 Aug 2014


I’m sure most of you have heard the advice to get pepper spray, stun-guns, knives, or hold your keys in between your fingers when walking out to the car at night, but are you really ready? I mean  you may have the self-defense weapon in your purse or pocket but how many times have you walked to your car and nothing has happened?


There in is the challenge. Complacency. Whatever you told yourself that would make you ready might not be ready. I have always been an advocate of learning a martial art or at the very least (and I mean least), a short term self-defense course but how many people do you know that do martial arts, self-defense courses and still workout (hopefully a lot!)? The realistic answer is very few.


Another trend is electronic distractions. Everything from music and texting is keeping people from being aware of their surroundings (assuming they had kept up with their self-defense training)!


What you need for your distracted loved one is a workable self-defense strategy! Something that your daughter will be holding along with her smart phone while walking and updating her facebook status. One such product I will breifly review here is the Self-Defense Lanyard!


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