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24 Aug 2008


I heard about this fight for the bronze in Olympic Tae Kwon Do and found lots of articles about this. Apparently this guy hurt his foot and called a timeout.  Angel was ahead 3 to 2 prior to the time out. Check out the video link below but I saw the guy took over the allotted one minute break. The referee disqualified the Cuban (Angel) and awarded the bronze to Arman Chilmanov (from Kazahkstan).


Angel Matos Kicks Referee



Talking about a bad sport, this guy got mad and kicked the referee in the face! Many of you that have competed in tournaments have had the experience of being robbed. But in this case, it does not even meet that standard! The guy just took too long before he got up. The referee gave a 10 second warning and when Matos did not get up – the referee awarded the match to Chilmanov. Even if Matos thought he was cheated (which he clearly was not) there is no excuse for going off on the referee.


Check out this video!


On a positive note – the fighting Lopez’s all came back with metals although no golds this time. 


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8 Responses to “Angel Matos Banned for Kicking Ref in Head!”

  1. David Hays Says:

    Hey John, do you have a link to the video?

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    The link is above “Check out this video!”



  3. David Hays Says:

    I just want to make an observation here….. Ok the guy from Cuba is supposed to be one of the best (at his sport) in the world. After all he is at the Olympics. Anyway, he hits this guy with an unexpected shot and does not even drop him?

    Please understand, in no way am I supporting this unacceptable behavior, my point is this guy has only trained for point fighting.

    All of us who love the sport of point fighting must not confuse it with true self defense. We must all continually cross train to ensure that if we were on the street and needed to drop an attacker we could do just that, drop them!

    I welcome your comments.

    David Hays

  4. Matt Klein Says:

    Hi Dave, I don,t believe a high kick is the smartest thing in the street anyway, due to lack of balance, margin for error, and ability of opponent to counter or take you to the ground. Would like to say hi to the boys at Todd’s school including yourself, Marcus, Stan, Terry, Joe, Phil, Charlie, Big T, Chicken, Al, and of course Todd.

  5. Matt Klein Says:

    Forgot to mention Herb Patus and Frank as well

  6. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Matt,
    I checked your site out and it looks like you have a calling/niche! Kids need self-defense training and I’m glad to add your link. There is also the thing about supporting fellow Kenpo stylists.
    Take care,
    John W. Zimmer

  7. Matt Klein Says:

    Thanks John, my site is not anywhere near complete yet, but I am happy to add a link to your site as well when I am able to get my techie on to it. Like you, I am always here to support another Kenpo stylist. I have had a lot of enjoyment looking at all your pictures of many guys and girls that I used to train with. Yes, there is a great market down here in Aussie for teaching kids, and I have Todd to thank for providing me with an opportunity to make a good living doing something I really love. Your brother in Kenpo, Matt

  8. David Hays Says:


    I would like to talk with you off line. Please let John Z. know if it is ok to give me your contact infomation. He can do this without posting the info.


    David Hays