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28 Feb 2015

3 Responses to “Another Disappointing UFC; UFC 183 Robbed Me of $60!”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    lol! I enjoy bitching and moaning from you because even with that, your knowledge of the fighting arts comes through!

    As for the UFC, I’m patient (cheap, lol) enough to wait till the next day to watch it free on line. I’m beginning to apply my movie mantra to the UFC fights. “The more they need to advertise it, the worse the movie turns out to be.”

    I have to say that Silva taking PEDs was very disappointing. Yeah, Diaz was busted for pot, but like the saying, “If beer makes you better, it’s not a sport,” the same applies to pot.

    I wrestled in college so I want to see Askren take on the best in the UFC. I have to admit, I’d like to see if he can nullify those great fighters with his amazing wresting skills, albeit boring.

    I can’t disagree with your Rousey prediction, unless Zingano is foolish enough to clinch with her in open space, then Rousey in 10-15 seconds after the toss.

    Lastly, I just saw the Cyborg fight from Invicta. She’s a monster fighting machine, and perhaps the best test Rousey will ever face if they can do that one. For those two, just let them fight for the “whatever weight belt.”

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Dr. J! Good call on Rousey. I’m hoping to see a Cyborg vs Rousey fight. The only reason it has not happened might be because there is more money to be made now after Rousey has worked her way through the field.

    I cannot listen to the buildups anymore easily. It seems the announcers are tasked with building up every fighter trying to get the viewers to believe they are watching a good fight.

    In the Rousey pre-fight hype – every gal she faces is a great opponent the “deserves” to be there. lol.

  3. Dr. J Says:

    To paraphrase Mike Tyson, “Everybody has a plan until they fight Ronda Rousey!”

    That was the best arm bar I have ever seen. She has amazing situational awareness, to use a flying term, in the scramble!