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15 Mar 2015

4 Responses to “Are Karate Tournaments a Good Tool to Reinforce Fighting Skills Anymore?”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    Probably not for this type of fighting which seems more like fencing.

    I think our local open tournaments are more old school. The TKD ones are more like your example. We have a lot of people in this area who learned martial arts like you did, John, and the quality shows.

    I find that using an MMA like style with your personal strengths the best way. Just close the stance a little more to the side and use leg checks, movement, and hands (arms) to protect against leg and groin strikes. I terms of attacks, I like to grab my opponent when I can which I don’t think is done as much now because of the protective equipment, or lack of clothing. Neither situation is likely in a real fight.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Well stated Dr. J! I worry the modern fighters will not know how to close up there stance to avoid groin kicks and be easy prey.

    I was impressed that those fighters in the video did well based on their rules – I just did not like pretending it was fighting. :)

  3. SenseiMattKlein Says:

    Hi John. Had to admit I fast forwarded the vid as it was boring, just two guys dancing around. I think the open tournaments like the ones you see Raymond Daniels and those guys are much more action-filled than the one shown. Daniels proved that the footwork, timing, distance, etc. were transferable to full contact matches as he also excelled in the world combat league. Also, Lyoto Machida and Chuck Liddell showed what a good karate practitioner could do in the cage. But like you say John, groin kicks are not allowed nowadays and even full contact shots to the midsection get called for excessive contact. Back in our day we could get punched hard enough in the face to cause a black eye, but the contact has been watered down. Nevertheless, the footwork and timing is very valuable for self defence, and competition helps you overcome nerves and perform under pressure. Great post John!

  4. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Matt!

    Thanks for weighing in. The thing I loved about tournaments were the unknown factor. I mean you could train like crazy but if you were a nervous person – you had to learn to come to terms with that to excel.

    So very true one can gain some benefit from today’s tourneys. While I would not got that route if a was a young man – it is no different than boxing – winning some fights but leaving out the kicks I guess. :)

    I remember when Chuck Norris tried to come up with a competition that was advertised as a no-holds barred – full contact – no retreating type of even… basically a slug fest… that did not really catch on but it did have some fun stuff to watch… just without strategy – nothing you could point to that said if you want this – you could with a street fight (other than most street fighters cannot fight their way out of a paper bag). :)

    I know tournaments are a important part of youth confidence and development Matt… I think it is working good for you.

    So all that being said – I still miss the good old days… where you could train in the school and fight the same way out on the street with little to no adjustment! :)