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17 Mar 2009

2 Responses to “Ballet and Karate = Balete? Graceful Karate Moves!”

  1. Bob "Broke Dick" Patterson Says:

    Interesting post. My taekwondo school had studio space in a university ballet studio. Basically they were nice enough to let us use their crappiest studio. Every semester we’d have two or three ballet students give it a try.

    They excelled in flexibility and memorization of steps but sucked at execution. They hated full contact and had a lot of trouble with the idea of punching or kicking “through” a solid target.

    In the 3+ years I was there we only had one make it to brown belt before she quit. The others never lasted beyond basic.


  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Bob,

    So much for mixing the Ying and Yang :)

    I would have thought the ballet skills might have created some amazing katas! Yes that aggression is probably counter institutive to ballet.

    Thanks for sharing your experience Bob