Boy Outsmarts Moose – Saves Sister!

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18 Feb 2008


This is one of those stories that I use to dream about when I was a kid. I use to read about Daniel Boone and Davie Crockett fighting off wild animals and planned how I could accomplish the same thing.


The 12 year-old boy picked up some fighting tricks from the video game “World of Warcraft.” According to the story here, the boy and his sister came across a moose. The moose was going to go after his sister so he use a distraction strategy (from the game) to draw the moose away from his sister!


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The moose came after the boy so he employed another strategy (learned from the game) – he played dead. The moose lost interest and the boy had saved his sister from a moose!


I think too often those of us who study karate forget that our training can be used in other parts of life. Some martial artists do not forget this lesson such as ninjas. Stealth can be every bit as good in a fight as a toe to toe confrontation! I will give two examples of this.


When I was in the sixth grade, I used to hang out with the rocks… (the hard cases in today’s lingo – I think?). The down side of hanging out with the rocks was they would turn on you easily if they were board. This was the case on lunch period as I smarted off to an eighth-grader. He was soon chasing me down on the football field. Just as he was about to snag me – I ducked and rolled into a ball. The eighth-grader flew over the top of me – allowing me time to get away!


Another time during the summer when all of the parents in the neighborhood were away, I happened to be lizard hunting in the desert nearby where one of my girl friend’s brothers where testing their new pump BB gun. I heard a branch break near my leg and instantly dropped down behind the creasole bush. The jerks were about 50 yards away, taking pot shots at me. I stayed put for a while until the boys were distracted my friend and then took off in the opposite direction! My quick wits saved me.


It is important we teach our loved ones around us how to be aware of our surroundings and possible ways to mitigate all kinds of attacks. Many people will never think of this and unlike this boy that faced a moose, will have no idea of what might work!


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