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21 Nov 2010

9 Responses to “Bruce Lee; Great Review on ParanormalAnd.com!”

  1. DojoScore Says:

    Whatever the truth about his fight record, or a curse, he probably inspired more people to study martial arts than anyone else in a century.
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  3. Ryan Says:

    Really nice post, the information is greatly appreciate 😉

  4. Matt Klein Says:

    Hi John, Top fight scenes over at http://paranormaland.com/index.html. Loved the match-up between the katana and numchuks especially in the Chinese Connection. Website is well worth visiting.
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  5. Dr. J Says:

    As I think you know, several of Bruce’s techniques came to me through Joe Lewis and the Tracy system. They worked really well then and still do :-)

  6. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi DojoScore, Yep – I’m one of them!

    Thanks Ryan.

    Thanks Matt – I love some of the fight scenes! Bruce sure set the standard!

    Hi Dr. J! We share that common lineage! :)

  7. Tiger Says:

    Even after all these years I can’t get enough of Bruce Leeisms (is that even a word?).
    Years ago I attended a Kali/JKD seminar and I got to meet
    Guro Dan Inosanto who shared some of his own experiences with Bruce Lee and just based on those I gotta say Bruce Lee must have been out of this world. Lightning fast, strong, unpredictable, and certainly able to adapt to his opponent.
    Also, I really enjoyed your elaborating on the critical distance again. Very insightful and a really good reminder.
    Thanks, John.

  8. Chase Says:

    Reading all about him being a street thug who uses martial arts in a real fight, sure thing his somebody to be reckoned. And the martial arts world would always be in debt with Bruce lee’s promotion and influence of the art.

  9. Elmer Querubin Says:

    No matter what arguments that goes with the Bruce Lee legends, there is no doubt that he is probably the most major influencer of the martial arts world.

    I was lucky enough to have dinner with Guro Dan Inosanto, (please don’t assume that I have dinner with Guro Dan all the time, I’m just lucky enough to have an instructor that is close to him) and he talked about his encounters with the Si Gung Bruce. He said the Bruce was way ahead of his time. He showed me original writings of Bruce about styles of martial arts he was studying. Arguably, this was the first attempt to mix martial arts.

    This is an awesome post, John!