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19 Aug 2016


For those of you who don’t know – Target has been on the cutting edge of the lefty agendas by pushing the boundaries of safety under the guise of transvestites rights (or whatever they call themselves these days). You see Target earlier this year decided to let men self identify as a transgender (but I know them as transvestites) and use the woman’s bathroom.


Now I was used to Washington and NBC, CBS, and ABC trying to push “progressive” agendas and for the most part they have been successful. Roe vs. Wade happened so abortions are commonplace and recently the supreme court ruled allowing homosexual marriage in all 50 states.


So you would assume I would expect anything but this! What started as a backlash because North Carolina’s law mandating people to use the bathroom of their sex. In this article I will tell you as a self-defense (lifetime karate) instructor why men should not be allowed to use women’s rooms (I thought this was common knowledge).


First here is a video to consider ( #targetmissedthemark #boycotttarget ):



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