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Boxing Games; Rockem Sockem to iPhone!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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9 Jun 2009


Now when I was growing up (in the dark ages as my kids would say) our family did not have a color TV, microwave, VCR, DVD, cable TV service or computers! Eventually all of those things came but not when I was little.


I remember my brother and I being so happy one Christmas when there was a Rockem Sockem Robots game under the tree! Back in the dark ages when one wanted to play a game – they did not merely turn on the computer or the game system but rather pulled the game out of the box!


In this post I will  tell you about how these games evolved (as I saw it) and hot the modern versions of these video games can contribute to one’s overall martial arts fitness level! Here is an old TV commercial for Rockem Sockem Robots.



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14 May 2009


Carano vs. Cyborg is one of the fights I am waiting to see but for now I found a video game with Gina as Natasha. The game is called Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 and has a web page here. According to Wikipeda’s page here, the game is set in an alternate universe where Albert Einstein has been removed (so no nukes).


Carano seems to be good for the part as she was already bigger than life as Crush in the American Gladiator TV series. This is a short post about Gina Carano’s recent history and role in this video game. I found this video promotion for the game.



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22 Feb 2009


I was first a fighter and then a geek growing up and I started playing video games with Nintendo Tank and Pong. I thought these video games were really advanced back then but in the early 90’s I downloaded DOOM and was amazed! This DOS personal computing game was great. I enjoyed shooting the monsters and figuring out how to survive as long as I could. Now that I have ‘grown up’ I do not play video games anymore but still see how a person could find this very enjoyable. I heard a statistic recently that over 25% of adults play video games.


I was introduced to the concept of women fighting in video games when my boys bought Mortal Kombat. It was a fast moving game and each character seem to have a special way of killing their opponent. Well fast forward to today and I have discovered a video game that has apparently spawned from Bikini Karate Babes, called Warriors of Elysia or Bikini Karate Babes 2 that has a new twist. Watch this interview and then we will explore how this video game is different and some merits of this new genre of video games.


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