Eight-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Attacker!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
5 Nov 2007

I found this story about a hobo (I know – not politically correct) grabbing an eight-year-old girl by the hair. Well this girl was not having any of it and tried to get away but then executed apparently a perfect scoop kick! :)


A scoop kick can be front or back and hurts more because of the scooping action. This little girl kicked behind her (apparently) into the nuts and pulled the kick back towards her as she was trying to get away (I’m extrapolating based on the video demo she did). This is a good example of how a kid can use surprise to get away from a bum. Many self-defense classes teach kids how to get away from various grabs. Most of the techniques will work for most kids in many situations. I use to tell students while I was teaching formal escapes that they would use bits and pieces of techniques that they liked to create their own customized escape. This point worried lots of beginning students because they did not see how they would remember what to do… but the trick is to get comfortable with breaking holds and use what moves you like!


I use to play with my boys (as many dads do) with fighting moves. This worked while they were younger (they did not hurt me too often) and gave them confidence in defending themselves. I did as any good teacher would do and fought up to the level they could so they would experience some successes while learning some new tricks. As the boys got older I had to use sparring pads so avoid injuries. My boys learned by playing, what critical distance was and how to move around without tripping themselves. What I don’t like to see is adults being threatened by kids or girl-friends learning how to fight. I’ve witnessed some men telling their kids that karate is just a bunch of baloney. I noticed that those men did not volunteer to come to my sparring classes. The crying shame of it all is some people that need to learn self-defense, being convinced from some egotistical coward that they cannot defend themselves.


Anyone can defend themselves against anyone if they keep their wits about them. Notice I did not say that anyone can beat anyone in a fight… just that they can defend themselves if they think things through. I will post more about people that have gotten themselves out of some sticky situations later but like this eight-year-old girl – you can defend yourself have a strong desire and optimally take some training!

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One Response to “Eight-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Attacker!”

  1. Joanne Factor Says:

    As a self-defense instructor, I offer classes specifically (and age-appropriate) for children. Yes these are critical skills for children!

    Alas, most assaulted children were targeted by someone close, rather than by a stranger. Most assailants will spend time grooming not only the child but also the parents to gain their trust and access to the child. So, in addition to grab releases and strikes to tender targets, I work with my students (as well as their parents) on how to recognize inappropriate behavior and who to tell for effective action.

    But, sadly, many children won’t tell for years.