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2 Jun 2008


Wow… what a fight! I just saw five rounds of exciting action and found out that Urijah Faber can strike! In this first defense of Urijah’s belt that went the five rounds, he had a worthy opponent. Jens Pulver was able to escape the ground and pound game by sitting up early in the match. Faber was able to cancel out Pulver’s striking with fast lunge/counter punches and hooks. I’ve never seen Faber strike so much and found he could hang with Pulver. Jens was in trouble in the second round but came out of it and took the fight back to Faber, who in turn had to go to the ground to recover.


The last three rounds were marked by some ground work but mainly striking where Pulver was attempting to pick some shots and then was beat to the punch most of the time. You could tell these fighters really respected each other’s fight skills after the bout.


Faber vs Pulver


I watched the CBS fights but found many mis-matches. The first few fights ended quickly but the Gina Carano vs Katilin Young fight was exciting. Young barley made it out of the second round (ground and pound) and was not able to continue.

Gina Carano (blue gloves) vs. Elaina Maxwell
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I did not think much of the Robbie Lawler vs Scott Smith because Lawler was winning easily in the first round with his hands and the next round Smith was able to stave off the attacks somewhat with his counters and elbows… I got the feeling (probably wrong) that Lawler was holding back to make the fight go longer. At any rate the fight was stopped in the third round due to an accidental fish-hook to Smith’s eye. The Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson fight was stopped on a doctor’s call. Both men look really tired and Thompson’s left ear was taking a bloody beating.


CBS really stepped up to the plate with eye-candy (dancers and multiple ring girls) between bouts. All in all I will still watch the next CBS MMA show, but to be truthful I thought the caliber of fighters (except Gina Carano) were not as good as the T.O.P. ARMY Fighter finals. 


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