Faber vs. Brown – Upset!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: MMA
7 Nov 2008


Perhaps this should not be a big surprise but Faber was readily dispatched by Brown in the first round. It is kind of funny to hear all of the talk before the fights and the analysis but in this case the former champ made a big error in judgement.  First watch a clip of the fight.




The sequence of events that I saw was some feeling out of Brown on Faber’s part, and then he lost his balance and bounced right back up… ok so far so good but then Brown threw a left, right and Faber went down and poped right back up.


Now here is where the mistake happend; Brown hit Faber with a left and partially spun Faber around. Faber was right out of punching range and he decided to come back aggressively into striking range leading with a right-elbow point strike. Faber was basicily standing sideways – advancing into punching range and got caught with a right thrown under the elbow. Faber went down and after a few ground strikes… that was it.


I think Faber came out overconfident and rather than recovering and collecting himself, he ended up helping Brown. When I was fighting that was a worse case scenario if you ended up making mistakes and actually helping your opponent. Everyone does it sometime but it kind of hard to take.


I don’t know who the better fighter is based on this short fight but I will look forward to a rematch to see who the better man is without any glaring errors. The rest of the card of ok, I saw Sonnen beat Filho in a decision after the unbeaten middle weight champ could not coax him (Sonnen) to the ground. Sonnen ended up winning the three round fight (non-title as Filho did not make weight) by unanimous decision.


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One Response to “Faber vs. Brown – Upset!”

  1. Sly Says:

    That one was over quick as spit. I half expected the fight would last at least a couple of rounds. What a disappointment for Faber, but Brown shined. I look forward to a rematch as well.