Fedor Emelianenko over Andrei Arlovski

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25 Jan 2009


I found this fight on youtube today and noted that Fedor won in the first round. Here is a review Sherdog did on this fight. Fedor has beaten lots of former UFC fighters according to the wikipedia article here. I watched this fight and then I would like to point out what makes fighters great and how even the great fighters can improve their game.


Andrei Arlovski (right) and Fedor Emelianenko
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If you had the chance to see this fight you would have noticed that Andrei came out and connected with some punches and kicks early on in this fight. Fedor did not seem to respond very well at first as most of his attacks missed. Fedor got kicked back in the corner and as Andrei came in with an apparent flying knee attempt – Fedor countered with a right on the chin for the win!


What makes Fedor great is he can pull off a win (and has) in his fights! He has stated that he needs to improve and keeps working to improve his skills. The fans just see a winner that seems to be unstoppable.


One area fighters can do to improve their fighting skills is to not only have a great offensive strategy but also work on defense. In the case of this fight, while it did not go long enough to the fighters to feel each other out – Fedor was taking some shots.


No one can argue that what Fedor does works and he is a truly a great champion but for us mere mortals, it is good to see that even the greats can improve their game too. We can examine our own fighting and try to come out of our comfort zone to improve our offense or defense.


Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar are meeting in May to unify the UFC heavyweight title. I hope that Fedor Emelianenko can fight in the UFC soon as that would be a fight I would watch on PPV.  

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