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30 Apr 2009


I have been reviewing historical fighting videos on youtube and I was tempted to use the Spartans as my example but I am opting to use a scene from the movie Gladiator to explain my points. First off have you imagined some situations where you might be at a disadvantage if you were attacked?


What if you and your buddies took a short cut through an ally and all of a sudden were accosted by some thugs? Would you break rank and say – every man/woman for him/herself? Yes most of you would get away but think of the unlucky blokes that were not that fast? Yes your conscience would be ok because you called the cops as soon as you were safe but what about explaining to their mothers, wives, fathers, or husbands why you left them behind?


I will explore some situations where you might have to come up with a plan and then take you through some ways to come out ok. Here is a video of some gladiators that were about to be killed by some Roman warriors in the arena.




A friend and I were having a boys night out and walked into the theater to see a head rolling towards us on the screen. We looks at each other with a grin and knew we were going to love this movie! The first thing I think you should have noticed is that the gladiators looked like they were no match for the chariots.


Russel Crowe in this movie told the men that whatever came out of the gate – they were going to have a better chance if they worked together. For you ex military types – you already know this but for the rest of us, Yes, it is better to work together if you are with a group of people.


One example from my life that could have turned bad was when I was walking in the desert/mountainous area and we noticed a bunch of unruly looking guys ahead. I told her quickly that if any trouble happens – to stay close and do not run away unless I am with her!


Why? It is a bad tactic to split up for no apparent advantage? We did not have any safe area to run to and our safety would have been dependent on my fighting ability. If I was engaged in a fight and she ran the other direction. I would not have been able to assist her in the short-term while I was engaged and far away!


You must realize that there is always a way to come out ok in any attack. You might not think of it but someone, somewhere has faced a similar dilemma and won! Start from the mind set that you too can figure out a way to win an you will have a chance.


Individually you also have to use tactics to win. One example was when I was boxing, I found I was getting beat up fairly bad in the first round. As I was coming on the next round I decided to do something different. I started fighting from the outside instead of trying to bang with the guy. You know what? I won the next two rounds.


Say you are a woman and a guy grabs you while you are walking home. You have some choices… you might first pretend to be scared and seem willing to go along with the guy. As soon as his motives become apparent you explode in a counter attack!


You also might (if you are the woman above) immediately fight back – punch the throat – eyes gouges – kick the groin and escape! You might really be scared and unable to do anything! What if you are frozen with fear and want to wait and see what happens?  Work with that for a moment but be ready to explode with your attack!


What I am trying to say with this post on fighting tactics – there is no right or wrong way to do things… just so long as you come out safe! You have to be able to out wit your attacker. My son was attacked by three guys while he was out walking. He got blindsided and fell back into some bushes. He bounced back – slugged the closest guy and ran!


Another black belt was accosted outside a bar with an axe handle! He slipped the first downward swing with a sliding upward block and grabbed it away from the attacker – the attacker fled and my buddie had some bruises.


You might have to throw some dirt into the eyes of an attacker or use pepper spray – stun gun to get away… pick up a stick or grab the guy in a bear hug and bite off his nose! Whatever you have to do to get away is fine… just know if anyone messes with you or your friends – it is going to be ok – somehow!


I hope this non-specific pep talk helps you in formulating your fighting tactics. I know after thinking about this topic for most of my life (all of my adult life) it has made me a more resiliant defender on the street because I know that losing is not an option when my or my loved ones’ lives are at stake.


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