Funny Karate Weapon; A Magazine?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Humor, Self-defense
2 May 2010


I found this on – an apparent self-defense usage of the common magazine. I have a hard time believing that this is serious. Not that I don’t believe there could be some self-defense applications that utilize magazines but more so the “swatting” would only be dangerous to a fly. :)


Well watch this video for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Let me just say it lightened my mood.




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8 Responses to “Funny Karate Weapon; A Magazine?”

  1. The Kama being a Farm Device from Okinawa to Deadly Weapon | Gedanate Says:

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  2. Bob Patterson Says:

    Ha! I agree – you might be able to use a rolled up magazine as a distraction to another technique. Past an eye poke I don’t think I’d try that!
    .-= Bob Patterson´s last blog ..Review of Draeger’s “Classical Budo” =-.

  3. Dr. J Says:

    LOL!! I think that guy needed a hospital bed rather than a chair after that.
    .-= Dr. J´s last blog ..Lab Notes: Side Effects of Latisse for Longer Eyelashes; Olive Oil May Guard Against Ulcerative Colitis =-.

  4. Pat M wausau martial arts Says:

    It’s nice to think outside the box once and a while. I’m not so sure the attack would go that way but I suppose anything could happen.
    .-= Pat M wausau martial arts´s last blog ..Self Defense =-.

  5. Matt Says:

    A thrusting motion to the face could hurt, but the theatrics here are a bit misleading.

    Martial cinema at its finest.
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Fighting with Tonfa – Techniques and Handling Methods =-.

  6. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Bob! Maybe a good use of Black Belt Mag as a real self-defense tool? :)

    Dr. J! Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

    Pat! It did look staged…

    Matt! Black Belt theater :)

  7. Dr. J Says:

    I have a publication in Black Belt Magazine! My medical colleagues felt it was not a medical journal, but I always felt that more people read that article than anything I’ve ever put in a juried medical publication, and now more practical too! lol!
    .-= Dr. J´s last blog ..Lab Notes: DC Approves Medical Marijuana; Parents Say New Pampers Dry Max Diapers Dangerous =-.

  8. AA Says:

    You’re forgetting the fact that Jason Bourne (in the second movie) used a book to take out a group of assassins. That has to have SOME basis, yes?

    .-= AA´s last blog ..The End is only the Beginning =-.