Gang Attack! What Can I Do?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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23 Aug 2015


I have fond memories of my first gang attack back in the 5th grade. Me and a friend got tired of of the crowed swing sets and before the 3rd graders came to recess – we decided to take over their play ground. We were under the delusion that the two bigger fifth graders would be intimidated into letting us take over their play ground. Well as I recall we had no such luck. We took over two of their swings and told them to go away – this was our play ground now. The little munchkins responded by attacking us! We were only able to hold them off for maybe 15 seconds or so… I mean they came at us from all angles and soon we were rolling round in the sand and had to crawl to safety! We learned a hard lesson that day – never, I mean never get between the entire third grade and their play ground!!!


So you see my first experience with a mass/gang attack did not go quite as I had expected. Later on in the sixth grade I was able to escape two twins that had a hold of each arm – running me into a pole. I remember a cartoon where the character tripped both attackers right before they reached the pole and banged their heads together! I tried that and it worked like a charm! I had another experience in sixth grade where two twins thought they could out wrestle me. They were a year older and on the wrestling team. I told them I could pin them both and it was on… after about five minutes I managed to pin on of the twins with my hands to his shoulders as my shin pinned the other by his throat!


So I knew it was possible to defeat a gang of attackers – but I knew you had to have an edge – that I assumed had to be better fighting technique. Before I launch on what you can do if you are attacked by a gang of thugs, first watch this video of what not do do. I have fond memories of that third grade class kicking my butt as I watch this video.



The boy had high hopes of winning at first you could see – he attacked the first girl and quickly realized he had to move, attacked another and then moved more – got thrown down and it was all over. Great effort and a good learning experience.  The girls did not hold back and fight one at a time like a lot of these gang fights you see… so this one was realistic. In a real fighting no one is going to give up an advantage easily so while you can appeal to the gangs ego and ask them to fight like a man – one at a time, in this instance at least – fighting like a man would have been lost on the girls. :)


I’ve been in a few group fights and each time I was able to do ok because I was a trained fighter and also was a good tournment point fighter at the time. Many might poo poo point fighting but the one thing it drills into your head is to not stand still and fight. You have to move around and not get hit. That is every bit as important as hitting your opponent. If you also understand that you have to line up your attackers by moving around in half circles (whenever possible) to get just one guy in your sights – then you have a good way to get your licks in.


In a group fight you can only hit anyone when you have them lined up with just one in front of you… then you can hit them hard but will not have enough time to stomp them… so you have to keep running, circling and attacking where there is an opening. The one time I fought six guys – that fight must have lasted 10 minutes… but it seemed like a half an hour. In the end I had lost my shirt but had knocked out thee of them… and had the other three afraid to attack me when the cops rolled up.


I’m going to close with this video today – please be warned there is a bit of foul language – the f bomb once or twice – other than that is seems to be a good instructive video for gang fighting situations. Enjoy!



I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

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One Response to “Gang Attack! What Can I Do?”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    I’m the student here, John! I have no experience, fortunately, in being attacked by a gang (Nor have I been in the gang that attacked anyone). I was threatened by a gang when I was in “their” neighborhood, but I stayed quiet and kept on walking and nothing happened. It was a long walk that I did across Chicago. I found it interesting that I walked through several different ethnic neighborhoods without anyone bothering me, but only when I was in a neighborhood of my “ethnicity” was I threatened.

    All I can think of saying is that it’s probably easier to stay out than to get out. So avoid being in risky locations, situations, and maintain situational awareness when you can.