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14 May 2009


Carano vs. Cyborg is one of the fights I am waiting to see but for now I found a video game with Gina as Natasha. The game is called Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 and has a web page here. According to Wikipeda’s page here, the game is set in an alternate universe where Albert Einstein has been removed (so no nukes).


Carano seems to be good for the part as she was already bigger than life as Crush in the American Gladiator TV series. This is a short post about Gina Carano’s recent history and role in this video game. I found this video promotion for the game.




One thing I like about Gina Carano is she comes off as aloof. I’ve noticed that she almost seems shy but when she gets into the ring, she does not care what the other fighter might have said in the pre-fight interviews. As I mentioned she was Crush in the TV show American Gladiators. I found a clip of her taking a grandma to the cleaners.



I’ll have to give it to granny for trying her hand with Crush! She was head over heels for Gina. Carano was doing the MMA fights and the gladiator for a while but now seems focused on her MMA career. Here is a video of her (Gina Carano) fight with Tonya Evinger. Notice how Gina tries to do whatever it takes to win the bout.



Gina got the choke in before the first round ended. Apparently her Muay Thai record is 12-1-1 and her MMA record is 7-0 here. Well if you are so inclined to play the Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 game, Natasha should be a good addition as a sniper/commando.


I am looking forward to her upcoming MMA fights on Showtime, hopefully fighting Cyborg. I hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the multi-talented Gina Carano!


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