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16 Jun 2009


Well one of the main fights of the Summer is fast approaching on August 15! Crush vs. Cyborg! Some of you might correct me and say Gina’s handle is now Conviction and you would be right but I like the sound of Crush.


Both women have good records in MMA with 7 wins and Cyborg has one loss. Both women are billed as ready to fight and both seem ready for 5 rounds. Showtime is now hosting the Strikeforce fights and doing a good job. I’ll highlight both fighters in this post and talk a bit about what it means to women’s MMA. 




I have been watching women’s MMA since Strikeforce appeared on CBS last year. It is true the women stole the show many times because of their fighting  ability. What some of you salty dog’s might be thinking? Yes in the first few CBS fights – the men’s matches either ended quickly (real mismatches) or neither fighter was too exciting.


There is a little novelty to women fighting for me because when I was training for kick boxing, there were not a lot of women that could do full-contact fighting well. It is very pleasing to see the women kept at kick boxing, Muay Thai, and grappling to the point there are really good women fighter emerging!


I consider both Carano and Santos to be women fighters with good skills. I also think it is good for other women to see the sport of female MMA advancing into its own – where a woman’s match up is the headliner! Traditionally women did not fight or do math well in school but may be surprising (to some) that this was self-imposed by women feeling cultural pressures and not a real limitation!


I’ve watch a few Gina Carano fights over the last couple of years and have noted that she is comfortable standing and using her Muay Thai kicks, knees, punches and elbows. She also has a ground game but I’m not sure how good she is as she is normally the stronger fighter.



I have only seen a couple of Santo’s fights and while she seems comfortable on her feet – she is good on the ground. I have noted most of her wins have come via TKO. I did not really find a highlight video but this fight shows off her skills.



I have bit the bullet and subscribed to Showtime instead of Cinemax because of the Strikeforce MMA. I hope they continue to have good matches as the past few have been. I am looking forward to Cung Lee defending his title soon too (no word on when).


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