Girl in Marching Band Biffs 2 Men!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
19 Jun 2009


Stories like this warm my heart although my kids are grown – I don’t like to hear about men messing with kids! Kids are supposed to be safe walking to school. The story here is about a girl in the marching band walking to school.


I don’t know about you but when I was in the band – I had to lug my trombone to school. In this case the girl in the marching band had her baton with her! One guy grabbed her coat from behind in an attempted robbery.


In this post I’ll talk about the girls self-defense as well as ways to use some ordinary objects as weapons. Here is a video I found of a girl with a baton. I’m not sure if it was this kind of baton or one of those large ones you see in the old time marching bands. Notice the amazing control this girl has of her baton.




The girl attacked by punching the nose and kicking the other guy in the nuts! Then she proceeded to beat the men with her baton! Wow, talking about a good defense! This girl did what the men were not expecting… she fought back initially and then used her baton to keep them off of her. She got away after being accosted by two robbers.


The men only saw a girl walking alone and made some assumptions. For one they must have thought the girl would be scared of them. They also did not count on the girl fighting back and having an easily available weapon!


So the moral to this story girls and boys is to walk softly and carry a big stick! Self-defense does not mean you are limited to your hands and feet but rather you are limited by your imagination. Many things can be used as weapons in a pinch. In this case the girl probably had a purse and book bag. All great distractions!


Other supplies that might be useful would be shoes (for throwing), belts (for swinging), and keys/pens (for daggers). All around us there are things that can be swung and thrown such as rocks, sticks, sand/dirt (to the eyes) and even things that are not weapons but merely distracting such as drinks.


Ok you might be thinking I have gone off of the edge but think about it. Martial artists have traditionally used whatever was around them to fight off thugs in the past. Now that we have societies that have more rules and protections, we do not have the more traditional weapons at our disposal (probably a good thing because who would want to live in the wild west again).


The girl used her baton well as a club and apparently did some damage. One of the guys was reportably limping. All I have to say about this is – Way to go girl! I am impressed.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and see how it might relate to your self-defense!




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5 Responses to “Girl in Marching Band Biffs 2 Men!”

  1. SueC Says:

    This is a great story. I wonder if the girl had any martial arts training or whether she just acted instinctively? And here was me saying women don’t often get attacked by strangers in the street! I think I’ll up the tonfa training…

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Sue!
    Not much info about the girl but I was amazed at the level of control these girls have with the baton. The cool think about tonfa training is it should transfer to any stick, bat, flashlight or club you happen to find if you ever end up needing a weapon. :)

  3. Sly Says:

    Girls/women do get attacked in public and I am living proof of that. I had one man attack me in front of a night club. I kicked him in his prized jewels and got a good punch in too. He got away in a speeding truck and went on to attack another woman later that night, down the street.

    Bravo for that girl fighting back, that’s part of our innate survival skills kicking in. I just wish everyone used it.

    Good post.

  4. Stun Guns Says:

    If a woman can use a baton or something similar like the girl in the video, I can see how she could be considered near lethal. I can remember back in high school when it was all our school twirlers could manage to do by just not dropping the baton when they would do that little throw it up in the air trick.

  5. Ikigai Says:

    wow wow wow. that gymnast in the video was amazing! she could slap on a gi, enter any “open” karate tournament and clean up the place.