Girls Elbow – Kick Attackers; Get Away!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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30 May 2010


Here are a couple of stories about girls fighting back and getting away! To set the stage, girls and women are mostly attacked by big boys or men (at lease bigger then they are) who want to rob or rape them. The reason I bring up this point is it must be very unnerving to a girl to have a big man attack her.


A girl has some choices but if she finds herself in an attack her only choices are to run if possible, fight back or give in. I like the first two choices because it give the girl the best chance at survival but if a girl give in – she is putting her life in the hands of a bad guy.


Who knows the outcome. I’d argue in most cases it makes more sense to fight overwhelming odds than get into a vehicle with a bad man. But I understand this is a tough call to make as many women survive bad situations.


Before we get started with these stories, I’d like to show you video of the John Gardner victim who got away (struck him in the nose). Candice Moncayo got a reaction of anger from Gardner when she mentioned the strike in open court. Candice Moncayo fared better then Chelsea King or Amber Dubois by fighting back. I don’t know if Chelsea or Amber were able to put up a fight against this big bad monster of a man.





The first story is about a National City (south of San Diego) girl who was accosted by a sexual predator with a GPS ankle bracelet, on the run. He grabbed the girl by holding a knife to her throat. The girl realizing she did not want to end up in a lake, grabbed for the hand around her neck – not realizing it was a knife and pulled it away and elbowed the guy! She ran away!


The police were already looking for this guy from an attack the prior evening and had a good description here. It was good the girl was able to fight the guy off. One point here – a girl does not have to fight toe to toe with a man to get away many times. She just has to surprise the guy with a sharp strike, scream, and run like the dickens!


I like elbow strikes as even a young girl can muster a hard enough strike to hurt a large man if he does not expect it. I found one video I like of some ways to throw elbow and knee strikes.




Did you notice that putting a couple of moves together can throw a guy off guard? The old one-two strike you might remember from your youth is still an effective defense. You throw one strike, dazing the guy and then launch into another to make your get away!


The next story an 11 year-old girl is accosted in front of her home on Long Island, NY. This girl had some training from her father and she also practiced kicking in Cheer leading.


The girl was able to fight back by kicking the man’s knee and running. One point to note here – the father had worked with the girl ahead of time. He told her to fight back, kick, bite, escape! Bravo Dad! Here is a video of some younger kids being taught how to do the basic front snap kick (that is effective to the shin, knee, and groin).



I hope you will consider getting some self defense lessons for yourself and loved ones as often times it can make the difference if one is accosted. Not everyone can be the next MMA contender but most anyone can mount a good defense if he or she has some self defense training.

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2 Responses to “Girls Elbow – Kick Attackers; Get Away!”

  1. StunTech Says:

    Good information for women. In the event of an attack, fight back if you do not have an alternative self defense weapon.

  2. Amy@Safe & Sound Security Products Says:

    How about a woman’s perspective? I believe a gal’s best protection is good self-esteem/confidence. KNOW that you can fight back with a number of weapons. If you don’t carry pepper spray or a stun gun, or are taken by surprise, your feet, legs, elbows, and hands are good alternatives. Go for the weak spots: eyes, ears, throat, and groin. If he gets you on the ground, remember that your legs can be stronger than his arms. Don’t be afraid to bite HARD. Of course, I believe that running away is the first best defense. If you can’t, then fight! But be willing to give up your purse, car, or other possessions–they can be replaced.

    Every woman should educate herself about self defense options and should consider carrying some kind of protection: personal alarms (also good for children), pepper spray, and stun guns are easy to use and safe for the user. For small hands, there are various small but very powerful stun guns out there. Also popular are stun guns that look like a Cell Phone .