Girls Elbow – Kick Attackers; Get Away!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
30 May 2010

2 Responses to “Girls Elbow – Kick Attackers; Get Away!”

  1. StunTech Says:

    Good information for women. In the event of an attack, fight back if you do not have an alternative self defense weapon.

  2. Amy@Safe & Sound Security Products Says:

    How about a woman’s perspective? I believe a gal’s best protection is good self-esteem/confidence. KNOW that you can fight back with a number of weapons. If you don’t carry pepper spray or a stun gun, or are taken by surprise, your feet, legs, elbows, and hands are good alternatives. Go for the weak spots: eyes, ears, throat, and groin. If he gets you on the ground, remember that your legs can be stronger than his arms. Don’t be afraid to bite HARD. Of course, I believe that running away is the first best defense. If you can’t, then fight! But be willing to give up your purse, car, or other possessions–they can be replaced.

    Every woman should educate herself about self defense options and should consider carrying some kind of protection: personal alarms (also good for children), pepper spray, and stun guns are easy to use and safe for the user. For small hands, there are various small but very powerful stun guns out there. Also popular are stun guns that look like a Cell Phone .