Girls Kick Attackers in Nuts and Escape!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
20 Feb 2008


This is indeed a sad commentary on our civilization today that girls are not safe! A girl in Japan and another girl in Spain both fought off attackers by kicking them in the nuts! While it is true that there many great places to strike a man, the nuts are one of the easiest places for a girl to kick because bad men think they can just overpower a girl.


I found many examples of kicks to the groin on but most of them seemed to be really staged. This one seems to be real to me but the guy might be wearing a cup. The reason for showing this video is for girls and women to see what effect a kick to the nuts can have on a male attacker.  The groin area in men is very sensitive… that is why men protect it most of the time. The thing I will go into more here is when bad guys are side tracked, they make mistakes and are vulnerable!


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The first thing to consider if you are attacked is how you can get away. Girls and women have a few options to try. First is do not allow yourself to be abducted. Do whatever it takes to get away. If there are people or homes nearby you can try screaming for help. Consider shouting fire to get people out of their homes or apartments!


You will have to fight back to get away. Some women cannot seem to bring themselves to fight back and end up victims for sure. The downside of this approach is some attackers will hurt or kill their victim. I cannot as a web publisher tell you that everything will be OK if you fight back and be certain this is the right advice but I say that if you are kidnapped, you may not make it.


Lets say for the sake of argument that you (a girl or woman) have made the decision to fight back and escape. What are you facing? The bad man wants your money, car, or hurt you (rape, beat up, or murder). If you fight back the man is going to try and hurt you for sure. The reason is he wants to control the situation so he can have his way. What do that mean to you? Expect to get slapped or punched if you try and fight back but do not hurt him!


First be aware of your surroundings. Try not to walk alone in high risk areas. If you must take a chance, do not listen to your MP3 player or talk/text on your cell phone. If approached by a any suspicious characters, firmly, assertively, warn them away and assume they are up to no good if they keep coming. Run, scream and try to find help! If you have a plan or weapon - now would be the time to put this into play. If they catch you - give up your money, phone, watch or any other material thing to get away.


If you are caught, and the man is talking to you - try to bargain with him so you can survive. You are trying to find an opening to attack but you do not want to get hit hard. When he is distracted, you can kick to the nuts, gouge to the eyes, surprise him with keys to the fact, stomp his foot or whatever defense you can come up with to get away!


If you start taking punches, cover up with both forearms in front of your ribs and face - keep your chin down and let him think he has beaten you into submission. This is easier to do if you have a fighting background such as one of my students did here but hang in there if you want to survive! After he has control - let him think he has won and then nail him with a knee to the nuts, rock to the skull or biting his face hard... you know - go kind of crazy because at this point it is a match of survival.


Both of these girls fought off men with kicks to the groin! There are no guarantees in life but if you do not fight back - your outcome may not be as good as these two brave girls that decided to fight back!


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12 Responses to “Girls Kick Attackers in Nuts and Escape!”

  1. jr Says:

    can i get her to kick me in the nuts like hat

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey jr,

    Its funny you should mention that… while looking for examples on youtube I did see dominatrix stuff.

    I had an old student/girl friend during a class once that that I made the mistake of critiquing during a group class. She was steaming but when I yelled out punch (I had stopped and was correcting another student, but still standing in front of my girl friend) she counter-punched me in my bread-basket! I fell to the ground in pain as my amazed students watched!

    This guy kind of reminded me of that moment! :)

    John W. Zimmer

  3. Anil Pandey Says:

    I came across this site while searching for additional material for my site. The video really stunned me. God forbid if somebody kicks me in the groin like that. The poor chap literally jumped off the ground when she kicked him. Too harsh just for the sake of demo.

  4. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Anil,

    I cringed as I viewed this too! This evokes a visceral response in the male species. :)

    John W. Zimmer

  5. Sly Says:

    Good God! I think his eggs are scrambled and so is his brain. If he wanted to make a point, he sure did! Don’t get your eggs cracked on Youtube for the world to see.

    I’ll bet he sings soprano now. Maybe he can join the Vienna Boys Choir. Attention all girls and women out there, that was one heck of a good demonstration!

  6. JHON Says:


  7. charlene Says:

    I escaped certain rape when I was 14 yo. I made a grab for the creeps nuts when he was about to enter me, but only managed to get hold of one ball which I squeezed as hard as I could. He was obviously in absolute agony, and seemingly paralysed by the pain – quite unable to stop me! I released my grip after 20seconds or so, and he curled up into a ball, a position he was still in 15mins later when the police arrived. Yeah i’d say it definitly works!

  8. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Way to go Charlene!

    There are a bunch of different strikes but the nuts are the most sensitive area in a man. I also think the eye strikes, throat punches/elbows, and ear claps would get their attention and probably allow a woman to escape. I have not ever had the experience of getting one of my nuts crushed but I can only shudder at the amount of pain that would continue even after the defense!

    I will have to admit that I used to think that a woman would not be able to defend against me, a black belt in karate. I had an old girlfriend that was also a brown belt at the time, just finish some women’s self-defense training that focused on the reality most woman may have to face in their lifetimes… men trying to force themselves on them.

    She told me to try and attack her on the floor so I tried to jump in. I easily evaded the kicks on the way in but when I was trying to grab her – she hooked both of my arms out of the way in a circular motion – followed up by double eye gouges (luckily) to my forehead! Well I tell you what… that made a believer out of me… Men may be stronger but when they make the mistake thinking they can easily win just because they are bigger and/or stronger – they just might discover a woman such as yourself that will not just give up!

    The great thing you did was think under pressure, fought back and got out of your situation!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.

    John W. Zimmer

  9. Matt Says:

    That is an excellent video, which shows that girls can easily overpower a male. They have a lot of strength in their legs and if they hit the right spot the aggressor has no chance. I have been kicked there very hard by a girl once in class and she literally lifted me off the ground. Luckily I wore a cup, but it still hurt A LOT. This video should be shown in schools in order to empower girls.

  10. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Matt,
    The thing I like about that video is the guy was not really ready (unfortunately for him)! I think you are seeing the real deal. I’ve been kicked in the nuts in sparring when I forgot my cup and it was kind of embarrassing rolling around on the mat and such. Girls, boys, women and heck, even men need to know how to attack the groin, throat, eyes, knees, and any other weak point to mount a good defensive attack!
    I’d love schools to teach self-defense but I think many schools are worried about liability if someone gets hurt. Karate/self-defense schools should take up this niche/need. I think they (regular schools) should though.
    Kind regards,
    John W. Zimmer

  11. trevor Says:

    this website is so awsome. where evere i go to watch porn is and nowhere elese

  12. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I try to keep the website free of objectionable material. I have to follow links back from commenters to verify their websites are not bad and I have to keep related video links from appearing on youtube videos whenever I highlight women (but I check on all videos).
    I’m not 100% successful but what I miss – Akismet usually catches.

    I’m glad you stopped by.