High Kick Girl, Rina Takeda

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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18 Feb 2009


I just saw a preview of this Japanese move entitled, “High Kick Girl” on youtube. It seems to be a story like the karate kid where a girl this time has to over come some adversity. Anyway here is a preview of this as Rina Takeda seems to have some good karate skills.




It is always kind of fun to watch young people excel at karate. In this case a young girl has seemingly some great kicks. Here is what youtube user, FriedDragonFish says about this video she uploaded:


 “The current wave of female focused martial arts films – Fighter (Denmark), Coweb (Hong Kong), Chocolate (Thailand) – now has a Japanese entry in the field. Its titled High Kick Girl and the young starlet is Rina Takeda. Like the others Takeda can really fight, in this case the discipline of choice being karate. The first teaser has just arrived on the scene and, yes, she kicks rather high.”


As with most karate moves one has to suspend belief but that is par for the course. Why when I saw Steven Segal taking on a bunch of bad guys on a aircraft carrier – that was suspending belief. From this little preview it seems more realistic than most karate movies. If anyone gets a chance to see this flick – let me know how it was.

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One Response to “High Kick Girl, Rina Takeda”

  1. harrylee Says:

    Rena is amazing, she’s a real karate champion and she’s cute on TV shows too