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14 Dec 2007


Some men see women as pieces of meat – they do not see someone’s mother, daughter, wife or friend! They (some men), much like a hunter going after a deer, do not see how beautiful the deer (or the woman) is, but rather how tasty the meat will be. Can you reason with such a man? No… There will not be anything you (as a woman) can do about this predator’s cravings.


I am happy to say that most men are not like the predators above (although some women that have been victimized may argue this point) but some men may behave badly with liquor or drugs. 


A woman does not have to put up with bad behavior ever! Having said that, many women in this day and age will be in the position of having to defend themselves at some point. Aggressive, possessive bullies, perverts, or robbers do not care about what is just and fair – only that they get their way!


Men are bigger, stronger and out-weigh most women. If a woman tries to arm-wrestle a man, most women will not stand a chance! So I say to you – don’t arm-wrestle a man. What am I trying to say? If you are a woman – don’t fight like a man!!! A woman should take stock of herself and use the weapons God gave her. 


If a girl has taken karate training – she knows about distance… meaning no one can hit you if you are not within arms reach. Some examples of how this might work are:


A man advancing on a girl, thinks he can easily beat her up… imagine how surprised he would be if she side-stepped the man and kicked the side of his knee!


A young woman that has had self-defense training finds a guy climbing on top of her – trying to cop a feel at a party, after she doses off … she claps his ears and knees him in the groin! 


A lady with car trouble is accosted by a drunk on a dark street. She zaps him with a stun-gun, allowing her time to get to safety.


What do all of these scenarios have in common? The women did not fight the guys fight! They believed in themselves and fought back in a way they could win! 


Angie Tarighi makes the point that you can win if you fight like a girl! Her website is a wealth of information that includes specific examples of what to do in different situations in the safety tips section. Please review this website as there are really a lot of good tips for women. [By the way – I borrowed the “fight like a girl”  in this title from Angie’s response to a previous post.]


Here are some articles of women getting the best of their attackers: 

This college student fights off a rapist in her apartment.

This woman foils an attacker on the street. 

Now I really like this one – a woman fights off an attacker with a sword!


The key to all of these situations are the women are fighting back in ways that give them an advantage. The college student did not struggle against the rapist’s power but rather hit, kneed, and kicked to throw his plan off. The woman on the street was not paralyzed in fear but fought back and screamed to get away. The lady with the sword had to fight her way out of bed to use the weapon.


All of these women did not accept that men could have their way just because they are stronger. You have to believe you can win and be willing to do whatever it takes.

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3 Responses to “How Can A Woman Fight A Man? By Fighting Like A Girl!”

  1. Krav Maga 411 Says:

    Great article, it doesn’t matter how big are strong you are you can still have your eye gouged out. Training and repetition build confidence, plus most of the time the training takes over in a situation anyway.

  2. Katina Lee Says:

    Times are changing as well. I have a couple of female friends legitimately stronger than their husbands.

  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    That’s good to hear Katina! Strength training, karate, self-defense, and a good support system all help ready one to be the warrior within. A woman that is strong or has fighting experience – has the confidence to defend herself.