Way back when I was a kid watching Batman and Robin, I was trying to figure out how to throw a knockout punch. I figured from watching the shows that you had to pull your hand way back and swing as hard as you could! My childhood version of fighting was a bit off but I did know that knocking someone out was a good way to win a fight or in self-defense, live to fight another day.


But on this website for years I have focused on those who did not know how to fight, trying to uplift them and motivate them to learn how to fight, but if not that – at least take a short-term self-defense course. So in a manner of speaking I have dumbed down this website. Well as I get older I realize that I am not helping anyone by showing a few good moves and telling people that they can do this with a self-defense class. Perhaps but likely not.


So today’s topic of how to throw a knockout punch is a good example. For self-defense I would have told people to throw an eye shot or half-fist to the throat or a kick to the groin if someone attacked them. Now what would I do? I would just knockout the offending attacker and be done with it.


Is knocking someone out hard? For me? No. For an untrained fighter? Yes. An untrained fighter will need an edge to survive an attack. For me it is unlucky for the attacker to pick me as a victim because likely he will not realize I can fight and give me advantages. But even if he does not, (give me advantages) my go to move is to knock him out and figure out what happened later.


Today I’m starting to develop my youtube channel for My Self-Defense Bog, (MySelfDefenseBlog) where I can upload short videos showing some moves. The videos will be short and to the point at hand. Here is the first in that effort. I’ll go into more detail below after.


The main point other than basically how to throw a knockout punch is it takes years of training to learn not only how to throw the punch, but how to move around and what the objectives are in a fight when someone attacks. No short term self-defense class will teach you to fight.


The word fight or fighting is what I do and self-defense is how I use my fighting. So you have to learn how to fight before you can learn how to knock someone out. This might take you 6 months to have some skills and several years to be a good fighter. There are no short cuts.


Here are the mechanics

  • align your knuckles with your wrist
  • relax, you cannot strike with speed if you are tense
  • twist your body as you strike
  • explode using initial movement when you decide to move
  • move forward as you strike so your weight goes into your two knuckles
  • punch through the target – knocking your attacker out


Before we take each bullet point, understand that to get to the punching part, you have to get into position. That’s where learning how to fight and sparring come in. If you have not practiced how to fight, you cannot expect to be able to do it when you get attacked.


If you punch your target with a bent wrist, the strike will not be strong and you will hurt your hand or wrist. It is very important that you have trained on the heavy bag and in sparring hitting heavy things.


If you are tense, you will not be able to hit very hard. You can be a muscle man but if you are not a trained fighter that can relax under pressure, your strikes will not take your attacker out. Also speed equals power so if you are able to relax, and tense up at the last second, you will hit far harder!


In karate, we are taught to move our body with our kicks and punches to have power. So if you tense up and your body does not move with the punch, your punch will not be very hard. Boxers do the movements differently but their top half does also twist to a point and their foot work follows… so karate and boxing may do the twisting differently – it amounts to getting the body moving with punches and that is the mark of a trained fighter.


Boxers typically move their feet with the strikes. Some karate also exclusively use this method but in the style I was taught, we also use initial movement to get an edge, so the attacker cannot see the punch or kick right away. That means we hit more stuff when we explode.


Your body should be moving forward and foot landing at the moment of impact. That transfers the power of your twisting – advancing body to your two knuckles for a brief instant – Making your punch have knockout power!


But if you do not aim through your target, say 6 inches past the target, your punch, even though you did everything right, will not hurt your opponent!!! You have to get all of these steps right to have a punch with optimum power that can knockout your opponent.


That is way trained fighters can knockout most attackers with a jab. You see a trained fighter knows how to put “power” into the jab and the untrained fighter will likely not know how to cover or even move with the punch to lessen the power of the blow.


So that is how to throw a knockout punch if you are a trained fighter. If you have little or not enough training… with training you can become a good fighter in a few years. I think learning how to fight is worth it. In my life because of my fighting ability, I have not been afraid of anyone in any situation. Because there are very few trained fighters out there and they are not usually thugs.


I hope you have found this video and article helpful and I would very much enjoy seeing your comments.


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  1. Brenda Burns Says:

    I found your video very informative on the proper way to land a punch. Who knew that by landing your foot just the right way could hurt your opponent.Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more.

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