How Women can Knee to the Nuts!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
20 Mar 2008


Many women and children do not feel powerful when attacked by a large man. Some men think because they are generally larger and stronger – they can intimidate women. While I cannot solve gender politics in this post, I can offer ways to mitigate some men’s aggressive methods of communication.


These bullies or worse – criminals (depending on the situation) try to get a woman to give in to his way of thinking by forcefully encroaching on a woman’s space – making her backup or do what the bully wants! If a man is going to get physical – you do not have to go along with him… you can get physical back! Here is one woman learning how to do just that!


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Do you see how powerful the woman is just by lifting her knee at an opportune moment? A well placed knee will get even the most unreasonable man to disengage… and if this was a self-defense situation – the woman can follow up with an elbow or two and rapidly get away. 


Men that think they have the upper hand will leave themselves open for easy strikes by women that know how to use knees, elbows, palms and hammer-fists! Here is another short video of a woman defending herself!


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Didn’t you love the initial palm this woman uses on the aggressive male! There is more to fighting back then purley the physical so I think women should take local self-defense courses when they are offered or other martial arts training if so inclined. The difference between self-defense and martial arts is the commitment. Self-defense training is just how to assess, evade, defend, disengage, and get away whereas martial arts, MMA, or other fighting disciplines take a couple of years to really get proficient.


Now for my shameless plugs from past contributors (with salient comments) that have websites I have checked out. :)


Joanne Factor’s Strategic Living website & blog has lots of good information on women’s and children’s self-defense that deal with more than the nuts and bolts of karate (like I used to teach). Ms. Factor’s site is very concerned that women not only know what to do but when to do it as well as how to overcome fears and self-confidence issues! I highly recommend her site as a starting place in your search (as well as a good school if you live near Seattle, WA):


Another good website I recommend that also does a good overall job of letting women know how they can keep themselves safe is Angie Tarighi’s Women’s Self-Defense Institute. Ms. Tarighi’s website has lots of good tips for women to manage every stage if an incident – clear, good advice that women can use now before they ever step foot into a self-defense studio. Ms. Tarighi’s operation is out of Edison, NJ. so if you are nearby – do look her up. Here is her website:


Both of these women offer seminars (I believe from reading their websites) on women’s self-defense. There are many more amazing individuals that are willing to teach women to learn how to do self-defense. The first step is actually signing up for a course. I think this is one part of a total self-defense for life strategy!


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6 Responses to “How Women can Knee to the Nuts!”

  1. Lise Says:

    I carry a lipstick pepper spray when traveling to discreetly ward of any possible attacks. I haven’t had to use it, but I sure do feel confident. I found it at and purchased a pepper spray pager for my mom at

  2. Doug Arcidino Says:

    There are some many types of pepper spray. The civilian market is not as good as the police market. If an attacker is savvy enough to cover his eyes for a second when he has your throat then you might be in bad shaper. There is also the chance that you could hit yourself. Being nervous in a real situation or being caught off guard. Real self defense classes are the best. Knowing how to use your keys or other implements of destruction that you have on your body is great. Using your nails and such is great also, or just plain old grabbing the testicles works also. I used to give out what AWMA called a ninja stick. This is a steel center punch with two spikes sticking out of it that is spaced perfectly to go thru the eyes. I prefer a neck knife they are only about $20 and cutting someone’s throat seems the best way to stop an attacker. Like across both corroded arteries one on each side of the neck not across the front.

  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Doug,

    How do you really feel? :)

    Anyway – I know you are coming from a self-defense point of view so I’m not worried about your seemingly overzealousness :)

    I am absolutely with you in considering all methods for my bag of tricks. I do think that every tool has its place and time.


    John W. Zimmer

  4. Doug Arcidino Says:


    Thanks for understanding. I guess it comes from having a daughter. I did buy her a 357 revolver for her 21st birthday. Nothing says I love you more than a good weapon. She does have a neck knife too. In the early 90’s Vic and I along with our wives my X now did make a self defense video. Pretty practical one. I did send Todd one around 2000 if he knows where it is you might be able to see it. If not I need to bring one for you on DVD in June

    Doug Arcidino

  5. Defend Thyself Says:

    Hi John, interesting video, though that poor model must be really sore. Maybe the can make a dummy so you don’t have to put your family jeweles at risk. However, a good knee the groin will drop someone just like a Taser C2. Choosing a gun is a great idea, though if you do, make sure you get training, otherwise, it could be used against you. That’s why a good strong pepper spray like the Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray, used at a 10-15 foot distance will keep the punk at bay. Keep up the great posts.

    Christopher Winkler
    Self Defense Products Expert

  6. Douglas Arcidino Says:

    The main thing is to get trainig no matter what you do or use a gun, knife , pepper spray. Proper training is always needed. Also do not put yourseldf in a stupid situation no matter who you are.