Knife and Club Defense!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: karate
4 Oct 2007

When I as a little boy I wanted to be a black belt so I could register my hands as lethal weapons. I figured that when I found out all of the secret stuff – I would be able to easily defeat any opponent! Then I watch Tarzan take a 10th degree black belt and started wondering, what was better – jungle fighting or karate? But I am going off point.


One of the great things about karate is it (karate) is a great equalizer. A small man or woman can successfully defend against a large, drunk, bully! The reason this works is if you put a good fighter up against a large, undisciplined, poor fighter – the better fighter can win if she keeps her wits about her! I like to think of the poor, aggressive fighters as having beer muscle. Say some street punks want some extra change and see a guy walking home on a dark night. They come up to you and say “give me your wallet!” You look up out of your daze and notice there are only two small but aggressive punks and only one is wielding a knife.


You remember what your sensei told you about critical distance and step back while reaching for you wallet. The punks think they are getting your wallet and as you toss it to the side of you – begging for mercy – you notice that the one with the knife is looking at the wallet. You use the opportunity to shuffle rear-kick the punk with the knife – who falls while yelling in pain. You follow through with several low kicks and punches to both punks while they are scrambling to get away. You have managed to scare the punks, who drop the knife while making their escape.


You are a woman walking to her car but unlike many young women – you are aware of your surrounding. You had to park farther away from the front of the store where a street light was burned out but did not notice when you arrived at twilight. You decided to just go for it as no one has messed with you for years. Maybe your confidence from karate classes is emitting a warning aura around you – telling perverts to steer clear!


You notice a shape in the next row cutting across the rows. You don’t have time to get away in time and there are no other people close. You notice he has a club and is looking ominous but you try to ignore him (hoping he is not a threat). You have planned you a surprise that your instructor told you about. He approaches and demands you purse. You toss it to him and tell him to take it and stay away! He calmly picks up the purse and does not see much money – he raises his club and advances! You start begging for mercy and step back as he swings!!!


Now your karate training takes over – As he misses – his face is close. You spring forward and strike him in the face with your keys spiking out of your fist. As you are screaming with each punch – kick you quickly back off and run back to the store! The attacker is partially blinded, confused and scared. Things have not gone as he planned. Each case above could have been disastrous if you have not kept your wits about you. For the trained fighter – these scenarios are possible and probable! You need to have a strong will to survive!

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