Kung Fu Fighting; Self-Defense?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
21 Nov 2009

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  1. TheMartialArtsReporter Says:

    John, you are so right on, again.
    It’s true: Fighting is fighting.
    I don’t believe that the style
    is necessarily what it’s about.
    And I think that this was also part
    of Bruce Lee’s thought process.
    Years ago, I attended a seminar
    with Guro Dan Inosanto and man,
    did he have stories to tell about
    Da Man. He really was ahead of his time.
    Anyway, I appreciate your posts.
    Keep up the great work.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Dr. J Says:

    Great post, John!

    I’ve been inches away from a bobcat! Fortunately, he was in a cage, but he was agitated enough to give me a full display! He would have gone through me like a hot knife through butter!!

    I have a small female friend from Brooklyn. She was telling me proudly one day, that she has never been mugged in New York! The thing was, even though she was little, she had a very self confident way about her, and I think martial arts training can contribute to that and be helpful, even if you don’t have to use the physical side!

  3. SueC Says:

    Hi John,
    I’m starting to appreciate that there are often more similarities between styles than differences. I have noticed that between my jujitsu club and karate club, apart from a few stylistic differences in stances, the blocks, kicks and punches are pretty much the same and the strategies used to deploy them are also pretty much the same.

  4. TheMartialArtsReporter Says:

    The interview with Bruce Lee never gets old.
    Thanks again for posting it.
    Happy Thanksgiving, John.

  5. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Tiger, I’ve always shared your view about martial artists. Bruce Lee was a man that was the real deal. He was always seeking execelence.
    Hey Dr J! Yep those bobcats are tough. I had a house cat jump up, twist around and claw me once and escape into my step-daughters room! I had to back off of the chase but I had a new respect for stealth and surprise after that.

    Your friend sounds like she learned early on that self-confidence is apparent. Great example!
    Hi Sue! Great example of how very different styles can have more similarties than differences. I really do think the person makes or breaks the fight.
    Happy Thanksgiving All, Tiger, Dr. J, & Sue.

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  7. Tara Says:

    This is great stuff Bruce Lee is a Classic

  8. Self Defense Store Says:

    Bruce Lee learned Wing Chun and then created his own style called Jeet Kune Do (JKD)……………guy great inspiration………..

  9. Larry Rivera Says:

    Great post!

    I always felt that Bruce Lee didn’t create a style, rather he clued the western world to the reality of mixed martial arts.

    I believe that media has taken credit for something that the chinese have known for hundreds of years.

    Just take the styles, Wing Chun, Tai chi, Chi’na within those three systems alone answers all the different fighting range questions.

    The best self defense is knowledge.
    Larry Rivera recently posted..Have We Really Made Progress In The Martial Arts World?My Profile

  10. lyle Says:

    I think martial arts training can contribute to that and be helpful, even if you don’t have to use the physical side!