Look Mean; Avoid Fights?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
8 May 2010

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  2. Dr. J Says:

    Interesting, John. Going to med school in center city Philadelphia, I kept alert at all times. Here in Florida, old habits are hard to break, but I’m more friendly. Still have that inner confidence that is the gift of years of martial arts. I have been told that I project a don’t mess with me attitude. Who knew :-)
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  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Dr. J!

    Isn’t Phili the city of brotherly love? :)

    There is a lot to be said for non-verbal communication.

  4. Matt Klein Says:

    Love the funny “how not to get mugged” and Big John. I was caught in the worst part of Paris about 7 years ago after I missed the last train. Put a set of keys in my fist with the longest one poking out. Started down a street filled with pimps, hookers, and lots of would-be muggers on both sides. I walked down the middle of the street, only moving to the side as cars approached, talking to myself. Don’t know if it was the talking or the gleam of silver people could see in my hand, but no one came near me. In fact, no one said a peep.

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  6. Elmer Querubin Says:

    Great post, John! You have to a demeanor of authority especially when you feel unsafe. When I was deployed, because of my position I had to display this demeanor of authority. Which is at the most times mean looking, not smiling, and looking focused, vigilant, and having a look that showed I owned the place.

    I go to the same demeanor whenever I feel the area I’m in is unsafe for my family. It’s usually on a gas station on the way to visit family or on the drive home.

    Anyway, this is good post, John! and Keep looking mean!

  7. Andrew Says:

    I’m 5’7″, am Chinese, and have been told by some people that I have one hell of an intimidating stare. I knew this would come in handy!

    A little known fact about the great Bruce Lee. Mind you he was only 5’7″ himself. In his teen years he had a nickname – the “stare king” – because he could stare down his opponents from across the street scare the living hell out of them before they would attack him and/or his gang.

  8. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Elmer,

    Thanks for the insightful comment! Yep keeping the “mean” face does discourage many!

    Hi Andrew,

    I loved Bruce Lee’s stare. The eyes are the window to the soul or so I’ve heard and with a good stare you can tell others that you don’t wanna mess with me! Thanks for the comment.