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26 Apr 2009


I don’t really know why I would be surprised that a Supermodel has martial arts (boxing) training? After all they are just people like the rest of us – that need to keep fit and want to know how to protect themselves in a pinch. I did on story entitled, “Supermodels can fight! Not just another pretty face!” last year where I highlighted Elle Macpherson, and the karate hottie, Michelle Waterson!


I found this boxing workout video of Marisa Miller training! Apparently she is an accomplished Supermodel that has appeared in Victoria’s Secret and SI’s swimsuit models issues. The thing that impresses me more that her being a successful model, is that she has taken up one of the hardest martial arts out there. I remember back to when I was training in boxing for full contact fights. Boxing has killer workouts demanding superior upper-body strength and  coordination!


In this post I will examine boxing training for women and why I think boxing is an ideal fighting method for women from a self-defense and fitness standpoint. Here is a video of Marisa Miller doing a boxing workout for your perusal.




I do not know if Marisa will ever do rounds or if she is just trying to stay in great shape but boxing can do both! It is an ideal way of defending ones self as well as a kick butt workout! The focus of boxing is upper-body punching and is taught as other fighting arts by learning the basics, punching drills, and sparring.


Now some of you might be wondering why I, a karate instructor, would say boxing is ideal as a method of self defense? In general I like any martial art that works – that includes , boxing and wrestling, traditionally western fighting arts. When one defends ones self, he or she has to first overcome the fear of fighting and then mount a successful defense. My argument is if a woman already has boxing experience and knows how to take a hit – she will be ideally suited to overcome the fear of action and counter attack!


As far as how a woman can outbox a man, lets get real. In self-defense a person takes advantage of opportunities. Women that can throw a punch to the jaw in practice, can just as easily punch the throat among a flurry of counter attacks and get away! By the way, that is the same goal in karate! To strike and get away! Now here is some video I found of mothers and daughters taking boxing training.



Now let me emphasize that this is not Tae Bo or boxing aerobics! Yes real boxing training is an ideal way to get into shape and learn to fight! One might argue what method of fighting is best for women to take (with no clear answer) but no one can argue what these women are learning is not real.


As for getting into shape, I have never been in as good shape as those six months I was training for full contact karate! Boxing was in integral part of that training. My routine was running a couple of miles every morning and then doing a couple hour workouts each afternoon. The workouts included all of the standards, jump rope, speed bag, heavy bag, drills, and sparring. I was one giant sore and had to streach and warm up to feel human and then I could work out again! I have the utmost respect for anyone that can get through these workouts.


So If you are a mother or daughter trying to find a type of workout that is tried an proven but will also teach you some self defense skills – I believe you do not have to look any further than boxing! If supermodels can do it – you can too!


CNN posted a story about Group Boxing Classes here!


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4 Responses to “Marisa Miller, Supermodel can Box! Boxing is Good Training for Women!”

  1. Ikigai Says:

    I’m noticing a trend where you cover beautiful women who happen to be involved in some sort of martial arts training. I approve of this trend.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Mathew,
    Yes I try to do whatever I can to drive traffic so people will hear my message that everyone can and should learn how to defend themselves!

  3. Katie Says:

    I’m practicing Boxing in my workouts, but it seems that nothing can get more tired than kicking those Thai pads – Brutal.
    I like it all except sparing where I take classes: http://www.pmaaustin.com

    I think more and more ladies will be getting involved in Boxing and Kickboxing.

  4. Erik Says:

    I think that real boxing training is more beneficial because of the added mental toughness it builds. In fitness boxing, you hardly ever learn about true, professional boxing mitt work that involves being able to bop and weave, slip, and roll punches on command so the pace is much faster.
    .-= Erik´s last blog ..Mayweather vs Mosley – Who M I Picking? =-.