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16 Nov 2008


Any of you that know me realize that I am not much for social networking but I do enjoy talking about a topic that interests me. Karate is one of those topics that is near and dear to my heart! It is in my blood. I also have an almost phobia for joining groups as I already have enough user names and passwords to remember. So when Nathan Teodero of TDA Training invited me (as I’ve commented a few times on his website) I was initially sceptical.


I ended up joining because it is one way to reach out to martial artists of other styles and have discussions about issues that are relevant to all of us. As you know different styles have their way of executing mechanics of martial arts but we can all agree that the ultimate goal is the same. We focus to some degree on self-defense, tournaments, MMA, kata, kumite, art, and we all want to increase our proficiency at our chosen style. I realize that we all do not focus on all aspects, for instance I do not train in MMA but there are Kenpo students that are active in the sport. I will talk about forums and how they might be useful for us, as martial artists. Here is the Convocation of Combat Arts badge I’ve posted on my website.





First off you may be wondering why the blog is not enough to exchange views? The blog works well for any topics relating to my posts but if the comments are too far off topic, other readers will probably miss the conversation.


Forum topics can be posted by any members and it is usually good to get ideas from diverse sources. If I was curious about knuckle toughening in various karate styles, the forum would be a good place to reach out for that information.


If you are not interested in seeing allot of topic threads but are more of a general self-defense reader – looking for explanation and view points to be espoused by the writer, then sticking with the blogs will probably work fine for you.


There are a couple of MMA forums out there as well. I added a link to the Ultimate Fighting Forumz and I know of another forum at SherDog. One thing to be aware of is that MMA forums seem to use lots of colorful language to make their points.


The Convocation of Combat Arts is the one I chose to join as it is more in line with various martial arts that I have engaged in over the years. It is a civil forum that is moderated by Nathan Teodero and if it is up your alley – Please join in the conversation!


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If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!

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