Mas Oyama, Hand to Horn Bullfighter!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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29 Oct 2008


Most of the karate world has heard of Mas Oyama. He was an old-style karate master that took to heart developing power in his kicks and punches. Fighting Master has a good story on him here. He had a reputation for ending fights with one punch and reportedly killed a knife wielding attacker with one of these punches. Perhaps the thing I remember most is the stories of him going to Mexico and killing bulls! Here is a video of him using a karate chop to knock off a bull’s horn.




Now that is power. I remember when I was first learning karate – my instructor spoke about punching through the target. Mas Oyama developed striking to a fine art! As I stated, he was an old style fighter that did not go much for fancy technique as far as I could tell but he took on all opponents. All he needed was one opening!


What can we learn from great masters like Mas Oyama that is applicable to modern karate training? Well training is important. Master Oyama wanted to develop power so he developed a training method to get stronger. Much like modern prize fighters do today if they want to develop a skill – they figure out a plan and then work earnestly towards that goal.


Most martial artists will not be the caliber of a fighter like Mas Oyama as this takes a single mindedness to achieve. But all martial artists can see from his example that anything is possible if you have a desire. Yes I believe that you can improve your skills if you workout a plan and then execute on the strategy! Now go do your workout and take the preverbal bull by the horns!

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