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5 Mar 2009


It is looking like there is going to be a Uriah Faber – Mike Brown rematch after Brown destroyed Garcia in Texas. Take a look at this video from MyVideoFight.com below and the Faber vs Brown video and lets do some Monday morning quarterbacking.




One thing I noticed that Mike Brown does well is take advantage of any mistakes his opponent makes when transitioning distances. Normally a boxer or kick-boxer fights just outside the critical distance, meaning he is outside of punching or kicking distance. Well when the fighter wants to make his move, he had to bridge the gap to hit his opponent.


Transitions from outside to inside (where one can land the punch or kick) are dangerous. If a fighter does not cover well it affords opportunities for the other fighter – a gift if you will. In this fight Leonard’s guard was low. It was noticeable that his (Leonard’s) head was unprotected. Well this might not normally be a big deal in MMA as fighters tend to focus on what they do well – I would submit this is a basic fighting skill that boxers have to learn well.


So while we have not seen much of Mike Brown so far, what we do know is he has boxing skills and knows how to take advantage of mistakes his opponents might make. I have watched the Faber vs Brown fight and noted that Uriah’s transition elbow move gave Mike the opportunity to win the fight.


Here is what I am hoping to see from the Brown vs Faber rematch, Faber watching his transition moves and Brown having to do more than boxing. It should be interesting to see that fight. Do I have a prediction? Nope.


Either fighter has the skills to win this match. Just as we did not see much of Faber on his feet prior to Faber vs Pulver, I don’t really know how well Brown can fight on the ground. You can follow the upcoming WEC fights at WEC.TV to make sure you don’t miss this fight!


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3 Responses to “Mike Brown vs Leonrad Garcia – WEC Action!”

  1. Sly Says:

    Both fights were great! I still can’t believe how fast both of them were over. I think Brown has a great future. Hope he doesn’t get a giant head over his wins and go down in flames of gory. As for the rematch…I am still waiting, this should be fun.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    These are all different forms of martial arts. The UFC has become extremely big over time. Mixed Martial Arts has overtaken boxing in terms of tickets being sold.I would like to know your opinion on this

  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Elizabeth – I like MMA being bigger than boxing. It is closer to real fighting because one can use hands and feet like kick boxing plus the grappling. I don’t even watch boxing matches anymore – who is the heavyweight champion? I don’t even know anymore. :)