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28 Feb 2010


I am a MMA fan that likes to watch the fights that are easily available without watching PPV! That means I just have an overview of the sports from some of the various leagues such as UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, M1, and K1 (probably a lot more too). What I am trying to say is while I opine on the fights I watch; if you were to use me as your sole source of information about men’s and women’s MMA – you would probably be missing a lot.


I’ve been following Strikeforce as I am able (I don’t get Showtime anymore) and just found out that Sarah Kaufman beat Takayo Hashi to win the Strikeforce Women’s Welterweight title!


In this post I will give an overview of the Kaufman vs. Hashi fight and give the latest on Michelle Waterson’s latest fight. I will also speak of some of the (many) exciting MMA fights coming soon in the WEC, UFC, and Strikeforce. Here is a promo video done before the Kaufman vs Hashi fight. I’ll post the four links of the actual fight (not sure how long they will be good) if you want to go to youtube and watch it.



Here are the links:

Watching this fight I noted that Kaufman was able to fight her game plan – staying on her feet and out boxing Hashi. Hashi got knocked down several times during the rounds but Kaufman did not follow her down to the mat. Kaufman was able to avoid the ground game altogether with her sprawl and strength.

The fight went poorly for Hashi, losing every round with the final score of 50 – 45. I’m not sure but I would say Hashi would have had a better chance had she been able to get Kaufman to the ground. Kaufman to her credit kept to her game plan and did not give Hashi any openings. This was a very disciplined fight on Kaufman’s part.

The WEC has a couple of fights coming up soon. The first on 3/6/10, Brian Bowles vs. Dominick Cruz is highlighted below. I have seen Bowles fight before and this one should be good (and free on versus TV). Torres and Pulver will be fighting on different bouts too.


The WEC has the much anticipated Jose Aldo vs Urijah Faber for the title on 4/24/10 on Pay Per View (PPV). I guess I am going to miss this one unless I find it on the internet. You see my budget and the cable company had a disagreement. I cannot afford to pay $100 dollars a month on TV with some pay channels. I’ve striped down to the bare minimum of channels for $15 bucks a month and spend another $15 on Netflix! I now watch more movies than I ever could from the cable company for about 1/4 of the price. Here is Urijah speaking about that fight.


UFC 114 on 5/29/10, looks to have some good fights… Rashid Evans vs. Rampage Jackson. Also among the many match ups, Machida vs. Rua  is happening. Here is some video of the highlights of Evans and Jackson.

Strikeforce is making an announcement Monday. I believe it might be about the headliner fight on their 4/17/10 event. My guess is it will be a Shields vs. Henderson proclamation.

The Karate Hottie, Michelle Waterson has apparently won a match at the Extreme Beatdown 6 event against Rosary “Ro” Califano in the first 15 seconds of the first round. I was not able to find any video of this. Why, you might by wondering, do they call Michelle Watterson the Karate Hottie? Here is one of her latest videos modeling at bikini.com. Don’t be fooled by her looks folks, this lady can fight!

Do you remember the post I did about Michelle appearing in the Megadeth, Head Crusher, music video? Well here is a training video for that spot.

In case you don’t remember that music video, here it is (don’t know how long the link will work). If the link breaks – you can find this on youtube.

I hope you have enjoyed my comments on some current and future MMA events.

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