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4 Oct 2015

6 Responses to “Morality, Crazies, and Shootings; Can We Protect Ourselves?”

  1. Fr. Jerry Kwasek Says:

    Agree–If public officials and some celebrities have body guards then we ought to be able to protect ourselves. I like you your run scenario if you are too far away or playing dead or if your very close enough jump the assailant.

    We are undoubtedly in the post Christian era and our American society is moving closer and closer to socialism. Material goods are readily discarded and human life too becoming a discard. In a Marxist society men are only valuable based on their contribution to society or the party. Life in the womb and the aged towards their own death are to be discarded–because the unborn cannot exist with out assistance and the aged too cannot take care of themselves.. they have no individual worth.

    America was founded on the dignity of the human person created in the image of God with rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    I am afraid we are becoming like the Athenians of ancient Greece who gave up being involved in their governance and relied on elitest politicians to run the public’s lives. Rome was not better where people relied on bread and circuses for survival–

    It is no wonder that we have lost our family structure and moral compass these past few decades.

  2. Sharon Says:

    The same day that drug dealers turn themselves and their illegal contraband in, is the same day that criminals will turn in their guns just because they “aren’t allowed to have them anymore.” I think we can all acknowledge that guns and other weapons are necessary evils. The nature of all men is not inherently good. To believe otherwise is naive; an ignorantly utopian wish. We as humans have been fashioning weapons to both attack and defend ourselves from perceivable threats for thousands of years. It is true that guns are an efficient killing machine, but so too are knives. The “deadliness” of an item is an inactive quality until placed in the hands of an operator whose intent is to distort the intended usefulness of the item and cause harm to others. There is no evil in an item, only in the man who wields it. To disarm the populace is to strip the innocent of their methods of self defense, and thereby empower the evil.

  3. Warren Z Says:

    John, I can’t find fault with your logic or the presumptions as to the causes of violence in out society. What you offered as explanation for and possible defenses against mass shootings is sound, practical and logical. I agree completely.

    I will offer one suggestion that if anyone has connections to “the powers that be” that they encourage the elimination of “soft targets” in our environment. Statistics prove that the vast majority of mass shootings in recent years int eh US have occurred at “no gun zones” such as theaters, malls and schools. The idea of a no gun zone is to make the public feel safe but instead, it encourages shooters by making them feel safe from any armed opposition.

  4. Toby Massell Says:

    The questions are “do you have the right to defend yourself, loved ones and the community?”

    “Do we have the right to used lethal weapons to do so.”

    The answer is, absolutely yes.

    The question then become, “what is the best way”.

    Some of us chose martial arts. While self defense techniques are a concealed weapon effective at close range, they wont do any good to stop someone at distances beyond ten feet that has a gun in your wife’s face.

    Like wise, karate will not stop a gun wielding nut in a crowd, school etc unless he is right next to you.

    Carrying a concealed long range weapon,hand gun, becomes the best choice out there.

    Instead of me rambling about this subject I will post links to articles that show how effective citizens with CCWs can be.

    Main stream media is quick to tell us about mass shooting but there is a lack of main stream information of how many mass shootings have been stopped by a citizen with a CCW.

    9 Potential Mass Shootings That Were Stopped By Someone With A Personally Owned Firearm

    List of 16 mass shootings stopped by Armed Citizens

  5. Toby Massell Says:

    My other thoughts.

    There is so much controversial argument over “gun control” and mass shootings. One of the most disturbing things I hear is. “if he/she didn’t have access to guns he/she wouldn’t have killed anyone. This is the furthest thing from reality I’ve ever heard.

    The problem starts with the unstable mind of the killer. The killer or criminal will kill with what ever weapon is available.

    So the problem starts with upbringing and mental stability, not with any weapon

  6. Dr. J Says:

    Hey John! The phrase insanity of humanity went through my thoughts a couple of days ago. There is no question, in my opinion, that humanity is on a one way journey to self- destruction. As a surgeon, my goal has always been the preservation of life, not the preservation of politics. I truly believe that the majority of people are good, yet the minority and the damage they cause affects all of us. The only way we can really make a difference in all of this without just going down the same old same old is to go much further upstream with solutions that, unfortunately, will not be effective immediately. Our youth must be educated, fed, raised in a caring environment, and given hope for their futures. The earth could be a shining beacon of light in the universe, but it will take more cooperation than our species seems to believe in.