New Moon is Here; Vamps and Wolves!

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14 Dec 2009


I had a treat a few weeks ago, as I heard a new movie was coming out called New Moon, by watching the first movie called Twilight. The reason it took so long for me to watch Twilight was because I heard it was a kids movie… you know a love story written around a little action.


Well to my surprise the love story was not too bad and the vampires in Twilight were fun to watch! I also heard the werewolf in New Moon (played the native American in Twilight) was a kid karate champion so I decided to review parts of this saga and the actor Taylor Lautner. Here is a preview of New Moon.



I must confess as a kid I was a Dark Shadows fan. Every day I would rush home from school to see Barnabas Collins as the vampire. I also used to watch Count Dracula in that movies many iterations and Creature Features every Friday night.

The thing I liked as a teenager was in some of the newer vampire movies, guys that knew karate did well against vampires. As I was learning karate, I figured if I ever ran up against the undead – I would have a fighting chance!

After seeing the story line in Twilight I realized that this was not just another sucky love story with a few vampires in it to sell the move but rather the young love was really powerful and unpredictable. The vampires would be your friend for one moment and the next be trying to suck your blood if you, like in this trailer, had a paper cut.

In the first move Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) was friend of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). In that movie you got an inkling there was more to the story when Black was describing the relationship of the Edward Cullen’s (Robert Pattinson) family and the Blacks. The relationship would soon become known in the New Moon movie.

Reportabley Taylor was in danger of not playing Jacob Black in the New Moon movie because he just did not fit the bill of a muscular native American werewolf! Interestingly to me was the fact that Taylor Lautner was a childhood XMA Martial Artist champion! Here is a clip.

Wow, Taylor Lautner was the real deal! It is refreshing to see a kid that excels in the martial arts, do well as an adult. I’ve always thought with the amount of mental clarity and physical dexterity involved in the martial arts, that one could do just about anything!

What about getting the part for the second move? Taylor did it the old fashion way, he ate and lifted weights to gain enough muscle to get his new physique.

So have you watched New Moon yet? I have not but am planning on doing it over the my upcoming vacation. As much as I love vampires, I always root for the werewolves.

New Moon is kind of a play on word in this series signifying both the new movie and werewolf’s were being featured. Another cool movie with werewolf’s was An American Werewolf in London. Here is that transformation scene (the state of the art at the time) set to CCR’s Bad Moon Rising (yes a tenious link I know).

I hope you get a chance to see this new flick. I don’t think it is just for the teen-aged because the motif is timeless. :)

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2 Responses to “New Moon is Here; Vamps and Wolves!”

  1. Marc G. Says:

    Thanks for the info. I did not know that about Taylor Lautner. And, to get an adults view on the film is helpful too. You can’t really tell by what the raving teens go for as a measure of a good movie for the 30 and up crowd.

    I liked a lesser known Vamp. series from the early 90’s: “Kindred: The Embraced.” It’s about warring clans of vampires in modern cities. I don’t know if you ever heard of it, but here’s a teaser…
    .-= Marc G.´s last blog ..A Karate RELIGIOUS Crusade…!? =-.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Marc G.,

    This series was popular with the under 30 crowd and their mothers! That was hard for me to understand why these moms would be attracted to kids… the powerful love story I guess.

    Thanks for the video link… it looks interesting.