Nut Kicks! Girls Get Away!!!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
6 Nov 2008


I have found a couple of good examples of girls (10 and 15 years old) waiting until the oppertune momement and kicking guys in the nuts to escape! The first story is of a girl being forced to walk with a guy (he had a gun) and then being partially undressed by this pig. The girl then kicked the guy in the nuts and got away. A passing motorist helped the girl get away.


The guy was 6’1″ tall and I don’t know from this story if he was caught. The interesting thing about stories like this is young girls can really hurt bad men if they keep their wits about them. In this case the girl apparently waited until guy did not have the gun and she had a good chance at kicking the nuts. Other good targets include eye pokes, half-fists to the throat, maybe an elbow to the face and such. The great thing about the kick was it put the guy in enough pain for the girl to get away (the goal of any defense)!


My only critique here (although this girl was great!) might have been for the girl to run when the guy first showed her the gun if there were cars and people nearby. My thinking is that most attackers will not shoot and the ones that do will probably miss. The alternative is usually not good for the victim (going with the asiliant). Before I talk about the next situation I found this video (on other self-defense blogs) of a Spanish girl kneeing another student.




The girl was saying, “Who told you to touch me? Who was it, your father?” The teacher was asking who she was. I’m guessing this girl was in karate or soccer because she brought up her knee effortlessly. There is always the chance this was faked but even if it was – this is a great example of how powerful a well placed kick or knee can be!


This next story is of a 15 year-old-girl coming out of her back porch and getting attacked by a 17 year-old-boy. He pushes her back onto a chair and she kicks him in the groin (nuts)! She gets away back into her house.


It is a terrible state of affairs that women and kids have to be careful – even in their homes where it is supposed to be safe! This girl did everything right as far as I can tell from this report. I can only add it is nice to have big dogs, family nearby or be aware if something looks suspicious. If you see anything off – trust your instincts and call someone.


Parents, women and children – learn how to fight off an attacker! There are lots of short-term self-defense classes as well as plenty of martial arts schools and clubs. I think may YMCA’s have martial arts training. The best time to learn how to strike is before an attack!





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8 Responses to “Nut Kicks! Girls Get Away!!!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Hey John, our sensei also taught us a nifty move where you push really hard just under the nose of an attacker. Do you think it’s effective enough?


  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Amanda,
    That sounds like a fishhook (pushing into the eyes are good too) like technique, and they are very effective! I might follow up with some hard palms to the chin or knees/kick to the groin and stomps to the top of the foot… you know – anything to do enough to break off the attack and make your escape!
    The old method that instructors used to talk about was palming the bottom of the nose hard and driving the bone into the skull. Well that does not quite happen but it is still a very effective move too.

  3. Scott Johnstone Says:

    I really like this blog, I started a forum, which has a ton of information on MMA, the url is . I am not sure you guy have videos yet on this blog for MMA, but I would love to help out and provide some for you. My webmaster compiled a bunch of video feeds from youtube and other sources, that would benefit this blog as well, if you are interested. Thanks again and have a great day!

  4. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Scott,
    I checked out the forum and it looks like there is allot of info as well as videos. I added a link to your site.
    I will probably use this site to find some video as well.

  5. Matt Klein Says:

    Amanda, the nose is extremely sensitive. We teach kids (whose wrists are not yet strong enough to deliver a punch to a hard target) to palm heel in the nose. It is super effective, especially when followed with an elbow, eye poke, or low kick. Kicks are good since women can deliver a very strong kick, while their upper bodies cannot match the power of a man. I have some black belt girls and women who I’ve trained for years, and if someone tried something with them, like Mr. T says, “I pity the fool.” The question is, are you prepared to use it? Sparring is invaluable to prepare yourself for combat. You must be willing to hurt someone if need be.

  6. Amanda Says:

    Thanks guys! We have started to use elbows much more now, what I do find difficult though is the follow through, I’m not fast enough, so before I know it, I’m on the floor! We’ve learnt the low kick, into the thigh muscle, very effective indeed, kicking is easier than hitting or punching, and speed is of the essence, so I guess I’ll have to train harder for speed.

  7. Sly Says:

    Ooohhhh…Awwww…(my sound effects).

    That was great kicking! I love it! We need more of this. See that girls? That’s what I’m talking about.

  8. Sly Says:

    I hate hearing about so many girls getting attacked. But I am so happy there are those who are able to fight back, and lucky enough to get out of it alive. Kudos to all those nut-kicking girls.