Nut Pull and Twist?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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16 Feb 2014


At times I have reviewed various techniques that while would work – are very worrisome from an unconscious shiver point of view. In this case a girl or woman has is already fighting for her life and limb; she is already being attacked or being sexually assaulted. Her choices are to try and comply and hope the guy will let her go or fight for her life!


The attack is a classic self-defense scenario. A bad guy isolates the victim and then robs, rapes, or murders the victim. The extra confusing thing here is some times a woman will find herself on a date that also turns into a sexual assault!


Disclaimer – I am a guy so I don’t understand most of might be happening in a woman’s mind at this point – only from a self-defense, fight or flight response point of view.


In this post I will review what happened to a woman as she recounted to me and a post I’ve found on this very subject on a martial arts self defense site. I tend to get guys responses where they purport to have iron nuts that cannot be harmed by a woman… I just accept that – although ladies – it is not true.



I’ll call here Jane. Jane told me as a teenager she liked hot cars. One of the guys that came around the neighborhood wanted to take here out in his muscle car. While Jane liked the car – the guy made her nervous. She finally agreed to go with the guy so long as her sister could go along. She and her sister went out with the guy for a few times.


One day the guy wanted Jane to meet his family at party at his parents house. She agreed and wanted her sister to come along but the guy said no. It was a family party with lots of people so Jane agreed. When they got to the party Jane did not see any people but a huge pool in the back yard. She went out to look at the pool and asked the guy when were the people coming?


He was wearing  loose shorts and a shirt and he pulled her into the pool and started choking her! Jane thought she was fighting for her life and was pushed underwater while being choked. She reached into the guys short legs and grabbed his balls – and pulled down with a twist and crush! The guy instantly let go of her an was reduces to crying in pain. Jane was able to get away!


Here is that website link entitled, Operation Crush.


So here is what I think. Karate has always taught that one should take advantage of any self defense opportunities. In the case of a nut crush – I would just say I think it is a very effective short term defense and after getting an initial reaction – escaping should be the next order of business.


No matter how much you can hurt an attacker – there is no way to prevent a counter attack for sure. Sure a guy rolling around on the ground might seem incapacitated but he might still try to counter punch the creator of the pain to get it to stop.


So my concern is purely from a self defense point of view. Treat this defense no different than any other defense – counter and get the heck out of dodge!


I welcome you comments, stories and thoughtful observations.

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5 Responses to “Nut Pull and Twist?”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    ( have no experience with this, but I will certainly pass this on to any women that I feel would benefit from this information for her safety.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    I can vouch that getting kicked there is bad enough!

  3. Dr. J Says:

    That’s for sure!

  4. Matt Klein Says:

    As I read this I notice my hands are dropping down below waist level……Ouch! She did the right thing, as she felt her life was at stake. There is a technique in Kenpo where you grab it, pull it, then smash it with the back of your fist. Kneeling Tiger I believe. That would have even been better, under the circumstances!

  5. John W. Zimmer Says:

    That is what I love about Kenpo Matt – There is generally a great defense for any situation!