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21 Feb 2015

2 Responses to “Ok – So Now You Know Karate; Can You Defend Yourself? (In A Fight?)”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    Interesting, I’ve never been asked by a student nor did I ever feel that the techniques I was trained in didn’t work in a real fight. Whether being hit myself of hitting others and seeing the results of that was enough proof for me :-)

    As for confidence, I imagine what I built in one area applied to all areas of my life. Whether fighting, flying a plane, or doing surgery, walking the path of experience and success gave me the belief that I could get it done when I needed to.

  2. Tasha Says:

    Interesting points. My son is 7 and he’s a blue belt in karate and we were talking about him taking jujitsu once he reaches black belt level. He hasn’t been in a “real” fight at this point, but a neighborhood bully has picked on him several times trying to provoke him. He’s done very well at avoidance, hopefully this kid doesn’t force him to show him what he’s made of. lol