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8 Mar 2014


As readers of this blog know self defense issues are near and dear to my heart. Often times I read other websites recounting rules of self defense strategies and I wonder – what? I mean often times there are no hard and fast rules. I see non-fighters talk about yelling fire, or kids grabbing a leg and hanging on and I wonder – have they ever tried this stuff?


Well I was offered a look at Mr. Martin’s book, “Self Defence Tips Everyone should Know” and not only enjoyed the read – found it refreshing to have it written by a fellow fighter with similar experience working the door! So what I am saying is if you like the way he  gets his point across – you don’t have to worry about the content being sound. In this post I will highlight some of the issues and solutions Neal Martin provides in his self defence book.



The thing about self defense is you never know when you will need it. Most people in a safe place will not need to learn fighting – unless they do. People that live in rough places will need to fight back – unless they don’t. So really you have nothing to lose by considering the possibility of the worst happening and getting some training. One good way to start this process would be by reading this book.


Mr. Martin does a good job of raising all of the issues one has to consider – including many most people do not normally think about. Issues common to a fighter such as how not to scream victim as you walk down the street. Neal speaks in a why that is easily understood not just intellectually but at a visceral level.


One chapter I do not normally see included in self defense books is the one on, “Tap Your Aggression.” What you might be thinking? Aggression is what separates a winner from a loser (my words here), meaning anger can detract from ones fighting ability whereas aggression – someone actively trying to figure out how to hurt an opponent and going after it without worrying about the effects (until you best your opponent anyway) is a necessary part of defending yourself. You have to have the will to fight back.


As Neil states it, “Aggression is a form of energy, and like any energy, it is neither positive nor negative.” … “It is up to you to use the energy you have in the most responsible way you can.” I think this is well stated and under reported in other self defense books.


Mr. Martin goes into a lot more detail explaining all topics of self defense so by the time you are done with this book – you will have a good idea of what it is going to take to learn self defense. More importantly if you are looking to learn self defense only – you will have a way to evaluate course content. See if you are getting enough of your weak points in any course after learning the issues raised in Neal Martin’s Self Defence Tips Everyone Should Know.”



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2 Responses to “Review; Self Defence Tips Everyone Should Know by Neil Martin”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    Makes me want to read it, John!

    Had a female friend from New York City, about five feet tall, maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. She bragged about never being mugged back home! No question, she did not act like an easy target, and she knew it!

    I learned about the value of directed aggression, not in a fight with others, but when I had to face those [replaced term with: Canis lupus familiaris] that were trying to kill me!

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Sounds like a determined woman Dr. J!