Road Rage!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
28 Sep 2007

4 Responses to “Road Rage!”

  1. Gizmo Says:

    This topic hit home… good advice about not causing a problem.

  2. Defend Thyself Says:

    I hear you on that, I just posted to out blog on the same subject, though this time, the guy was shot by an off duty police officer who sped away! The article link is here:

    Great blog, keep up the good work helping people Defend Themselves!

    Christopher Winkler

  3. Joanne Factor Says:

    Great story! As a self-defense instructor for over a decade, I’ve heard many stories from students who finally learned that they don’t have to “accept some crazy person’s invitation.” And I try to help people, especially young ones, come to that same conclusion BEFORE having to learn the lesson the hard way.

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