Robot Fighters? Iron Man 2!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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22 Apr 2010


As you all know by know – I try to cover the hard hitting issues in martial arts. One such area affecting our national security is how robots, androids, and super computers might be used in future conflicts. I mean are the dogs of war going to be unleashed without using real dogs?


One such movie that explores this idea somewhat is Iron Man! Yes as a boy I used to read about Tony Starks adventures when he put on the suit effectively making him a robot!


In this post I am going to explore robots in popular music, movies, TV and as a replacement for troublesome mates! To start out this humorous litany take a look at this almost top hit song!





Ha ha but I don’t really think Sir Killalot’s androids would really be all that effective but what about a real robot suit or android? Well if one could build a suit of armor that had some space age technology it might just be the ticket.


I watched the first Iron Man movie and was impressed. They did a good job capturing some of the excitement from the comic book – bringing the look and feel to the silver screen!


The world over, average folk dream about an equalizer that would let them even things up. Robotic assisted devices will someday help people in there everyday lives and perhaps even keep them safe. Take a look at the Iron Man 2 trailer and some tongue and cheek commentary.




Cool – Tony Stark has finally done what humanity and beauty queens have tried to achieve for years! – World Peace!


Ok kidding aside, wouldn’t it be neat if robots could keep us save such as in Isaac Asimov’s robot series? It went something like this… robots could not harm a human or through inaction allow harm to come to a human. There were three or four of these robot laws. Unfortunately as I am also a computer geek – I don’t have a lot of faith in technology… look at Toyota… but I digress.


Iron Man 2 looks to have some cool fight scenes as it seems to explore the motif of money and power! But really I am going to go see the movie because I have always thought robots are cool. I used to dream about being a robot – living forever and panhandling to tourists (did you like this transition?) – watch this video.




Ok! You see I was finally able to work in some robot fighting into this post. :)


But when I was a kid I also used to watch some TV shows about implanted men/women/androids in the Six Million Man and the Bionic Woman. It was fun to see how they were rebuilt to be better than before (and for the good of humanity!). Here is a clip of the Bionic Woman going undercover as a female wrestler.



Having some bionic parts can sure come in handy. We are already seeing some of that in real life now but 30 years ago that was just a dream. Back when this show was on it was riveting.


One more movie with a strange plot was the Stepford Wives. Now admittedly there was not much fighting in this one but I included it because of how strange it would be if people were replaced by android robots in real life!



For the record, officially I am against androids replacing women!


I hope you have enjoyed yet another tenuous link to fighting, Robot Fighters. I think with so much bad stuff happening in the world, it is important to take a break and look at some humor now and then. I’ll close with the real Iron Man song if you care to hear a high quality version. Please join me in watching Iron Man 2 in the theaters next month.


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6 Responses to “Robot Fighters? Iron Man 2!”

  1. Marciais Brasil Says:

    The reasons you used to connect a post about robots and Iron Man 2 with martial arts are funny!!
    But they are valid.

    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate your unexpected visits. Thanks!
    .-= Marciais Brasil´s last blog ..Artes Marciais & Pessoas com deficiência (Parte 1) =-.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Marciais,

    I like to cover all aspects of the martial arts and the cool thing is there is soooo much material out there!

    I enjoy your blog and appreciate the overall martial arts topics you cover.

  3. Marciais Brasil Says:

    I agree with you, there is a lot of interesting stuffs to cover about martial arts that people don’t use to realize about, sometimes things that people daily deal in their lives but they don’t notice! 😀
    .-= Marciais Brasil ´s last blog ..Fadiga em lutadores: sintomas, causas e como combatê-la! =-.

  4. Pat M self defense Says:

    I think things will change in the future like in the movies. I hope not too soon. Maybe not to this extent but things will change.
    .-= Pat M self defense´s last blog ..Self Defense Training updated Sat Mar 27 2010 1:40 am CDT =-.

  5. mary piano Says:

    Not as much of an impact as the first one. There’s just too many robots and it takes away from the whole Iron Man is something special element. Everyone is Iron man in this. also didn’t Scarlett J’s hair…or her acting. Mickey Rourke is good though. Hes always enjoyable to look at. Was very annoyed when they turned the whole extremis virus into some sort of illness that could be cured with a new element. What??? There’s a whole series of Iron man comics based on extremis and its turned into a form of Siryisis. War machine is not believable, he looks like hes about to cry in every scene. Paltrow is overacting and what is with the…..this never happened in the comics. This is Spiderman 3 syndrome.

  6. Madison Brown Says:

    i love Bionic Woman. i wish there were real bionic women out there.:**