Santa, WEC and Strikeforce!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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21 Dec 2009


All of you boys and girls out there know that you better not shout or pout because Santa’s coming to town. Have you ever wondered about Santa? Can the old fat guy in the red suit, fight his way out of a paper bag?


In this post I hope to answer that question as well as look at Saturday’s headliner fights in the WEC 45 and Strikforce Evolution. First take a look at this Santa!



If I had to guess I would say that kid ended up on the naughty list! Word on the street is Santa does not exactly turn the other rosy cheek anymore but that Santa has been learning Kung Fu! Look at this smuggled video I was able to obtain of Christmas Town’s Kung Fu club.


Although I really like watching the WEC normally I was kind of bored by the fights last Saturday. Don’t get me wrong – the fights that I did see except for the headliner were good but without a great headline fight – I ended of the evening feeling empty.

Donald Cerrone faced Ed Ratcliff (currently hailing from San Diego) for the right for a title fight soon. Cerrone is tall and lanky but Ratcliff is shorter and explosive. At first I was enjoying this match up as Ratcliff was darting in and out of Cerrone’s range.

But soon I tired of Cerrone’s accidental knees to Ratcliff’s groin. Cerrone had two point deductions and eventually was able to finish a choke to win the fight in the 3rd. The fight was only close in the first round but dragged on due with the groin shots in the first two rounds.

Ratcliff looks like he is an up and coming fighter that just did not have a good plan to fight Cerrone with his reach advantage. I look forward to good things from him in the future.

Cerrone always does well and coming off of his close loss by decision from Henderson, he seemed off of his normal game. Fighting a shorter guy should have been easier to avoid the knees to the groin, but due to them – he almost lost the match if it had gone the distance.

Too bad Santa was not fighting in the WEC Saturday night. Santa has been working his skills and might have challenged the Easter Bunny for a good match up! Here is a quick video of Santa stopping a shoplifter as some mall.

Disappointed by the WEC (and because I did not have showtime to see Strikeforce), I searched the internet for Cung Le vs Scott Smith. Here is one link that works right now if you want to see this fight here (it takes a minute to start after you push play).

My wife and I got all into this fight because Cung Le is an exciting fighter. Early on Cung Le set the pace of this fight by throwing spinning rear kicks – knocking down Smith. Le attempted to close the deal in the first round with some hammer fists but you could see he was not really comfortable with ground fighting.

Smith had some good hands but was seemingly unnerved with the ease Le was able to kick him. I had Le ahead all three rounds until Smith was able clip Le with a left hook with two minutes to spare… it was a rapid demise after that attack.

Well now we really enjoyed watching Cung Le vs Scott Smith. Both of them are great fighters and deserve everything they get. I hope Le trains some more on the ground game and not just how to avoid getting taken down so the next time he is in a winning position he can close the deal!

Santa is still hitting the gym so I’ll close with a look at Santa’s latest workout.

Merry Christmas to all!

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3 Responses to “Santa, WEC and Strikeforce!”

  1. Neal Martin Says:

    Merry Christmas to you John. It’s been a pleasure to read your site and get to know you this past while. Here’s to you and your continued success. Cheers.

  2. Dr. J Says:

    Some of my favorite fighters have lost lately. What was Yahya thinking? Fighting stand up in his fight, when on the ground, I can’t tell him from a boa constrictor. Maybe he was trying to show he can do stand up, but come on, it’s the W that matters in the end!

    I like the cowboy. I thought he really dominated in his fight, but I would tell him he holds his front hand too low, and walks into punches he could avoid with a little more caution.

  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Neil. I’ve enjoyed your blog as one of the more interesting ones.

    The WEC is wide open lately… lots of new blood. I’d bet he was trying to show he is a well rounded fighter… it didn’t go well for him. :(

    Cowboy has potential and heart. I’d like to see him learn how to bridge the gap better and he would be a great striker… now is good and nothing against him… I hated to see him lose the last close match.

    Take care Dr. J! We will Monday morning quarterback these fights for many years!