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21 Jul 2009


Is has been hot here in Southern California the last week as temperatures have soared to almost 100 degrees! I have not really bought in to this whole global warming debate because the average temperature has actually dropped in this decade but imagine my surprise to learn some coffee shops in Washington state actually let the gals work in bikinis! You can see this all the time at the beach but I usually think of Washington state as cold.


Things warmed up fast for one Washington area pervert when he was scalded while flashing the baristas! In what apparently is an old story from last year, a pervert was repeatably flashing the baristias at a drive though coffee shop! In this post I will examine ways anyone can defend themselves and some not so common weapons that can be used in a pinch. Here is a video I found on youtube.


Here is the story  that describes how the flasher drove through three times while disguising himself with underwear (as well as his license plate). The girls at the coffee house tried to get the tags but when that did not work and he came back the third time – one gal poured hot water on him!

Situational self-defense is basically using what you have around you to defend yourself. Common improvised weapons can include hot drinks like happened here.  I will list some good common improvised weapons:

  • pen/pencil
  • drink
  • books
  • keys
  • sand/dirt
  • belts
  • high-heeled shoes (the heel)
  • rocks

As you can see there are a lot of readily available weapons one can use. These girls had an alarm button that they could have used. While the hot water probably worked; I would have encouraged the baristas to use the silent alarm too!

While this flasher got some of what he deserved; it is something to consider that someone would be that brazen. Employees should take extra precautions when walking to their cars.

I always suggest that everyone learn at least some short term self-defense and optimally learn a martial art.

These baristas let the flasher know not to try driving through again! This was kinda of a shorter post just to highlight the unique self-defense situation here. Hopefully these gals don’t have to put up with too many weirdos.


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